12 Reasons a Fitness Business Website Design is Important

Fitness Business Website DesignHowdy Y’all!

A Fitness Business Website Design is Crucial for Your Growth.I was on the phone today with a coaching client and he asked about this topic.

Many of you have probably heard that in order to grow your fitness business you need a fitness website, but you might not know how crucial it is. Below I’m going to give you 12 reasons why having a fitness website is going to help your fitness business explode in 2012.

A Fitness Website is Cheaper Than Constantly Doing Print Ads – Space on the web is far cheaper than printing in a magazine or newspaper, you have access to more people, your ad will be up for as long as you want it to be up, you can change the information on your fitness website as your fitness business expands and changes. Now, I’m not saying that printing in magazines or newspapers shouldn’t be done, it should be done, but you should use those ads to direct people to your fitness website.

Fitness Business Expansion – As I stated above, having a fitness website will help you reach more people at one time – people you normally may have never had contact with. You can reach virtually anyone, anywhere in the world with a website and that could help your fitness business grow at speeds you didn’t even realize were possible.

Multiple Ways to Earn Income – Many of you probably think that a website is just a way to represent your fitness business, but it can also be a way for you to sell space for other companies to advertise on. Having such things as affiliate links on your fitness website, can not only help others make a little extra income, but you as well.

24/ 7/ 365 – No longer does your fitness business have to have “set hours” to be able to answer customers questions…you can reach potential customers even while you are sound asleep in your bed. With a fitness website, you can give people the information they are looking for with a click of the button 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year long.

CONVENIENCE – How much easier is it for someone to sit down at their computer, type in your fitness website url, and get the information they are looking for versus getting dressed, getting in their car, driving to your fitness business and waiting for someone to help them? Not only that, but the person will have their “defenses” down. They won’t think someone is just trying to “sale” them on something – they will be able to check out what your business has to offer in the comfort of their own home.

SATISFACTION – On your fitness website you can not only offer your potential customers information about your fitness business, but you can also offer them little tips and tricks & advice that can entertain & enlighten them. So your website becomes not just convenient, but satisfying as well.

Increased Sales – You can use your fitness website to pitch the fitness sales formula that you have tried in the past that works. No more having to depend on training new sales people to “get the job done” – your website will do it for you.

Credibility – A website can increase the credibility of your fitness business because it allows customers to get to know a little about you and your business and earn your trust. In the design of your website you should use colors and themes that are going to speak to your target market and get them to be confident in you and what your fitness business has to offer. It can also lead to them telling others about your business. And we all know, nothing sales better than word of mouth.

Map to your Physical Location – In the design of your website you can add a map that will give a potential customer clear directions on how to find your fitness business. No longer will you have unhappy customers because they drove around for hours trying to find you. Also, if you recently moved this is a great way to let customers know where to find you.

Opportunity for Growth – A fitness website that has a great design, can help future partners see what your fitness business has to offer. It can show them what you have already achieved and the possibilities for growth in the future.

Customer Communication – If the design of your fitness website allows, your clients have the availability to leave comments on your services and products. This is great for letting others know what people are saying about you and your business.

Inexpensive Market Research – You have the capacity to put surveys and polls in the design of your website. This will allow you to see what your current customers and prospects are looking for and what services or products they like or dislike. This will help the growth of your business because you will be able to offer your customers what they are looking for.

NOTE: Fitness360 has a full time website design and SEO staff. If you would more information about us helping you out with your website just let us know.

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