3 Full Proof Training Methods To Get Gym Staff To Show Up On Time Guaranteed

late gym staff trainingEver wondered how you can get your gym staff to finally show up on time using the power of social pressure?

What “if” there was a simple way you could use your staffs on ego and pride to get them to show up on time for their shifts…

… even show up early with a positive attitude and a REAL desire to help grow your gym business?

Well in todays “Tuesday Q & A” I’m going to show you just that and why you should blame the brain and not the person…

How To Get Your Gym Staff To Show Up On Time…(*even if you don’t have a lot time for staff training)

Don’t you HATE getting that call at 5:00AM from a angry member telling you the gym doors are still locked?

How about when it’s time for you to head home for the day but the staff member that’s suppose to replace you is late?

Trying to train new or problem staff SUCKS THE LIFE out of a good team.

When you’re trying to fix staff problems you can’t focus on developing out the good staff members.

You get too busy focusing on fixing problems that you can’t build better systems which require less effort.

All of this leads to burnout and lack of motivation which is going to hurt your business over the Long Haul.

In this lesson your going to learn how to fix these issues once and for all.

Robert B. asked: “Getting staff to show up on time is our biggest issue, especially the 6am shift. What can we do to have more reliable staff members?”

My answer is this:

My Proven 7-Day Method To Have More Reliable Staff Helps You Avoid Being Embarrassed By Late Staff or No Shows…

So it’s 1998 and I’m the regional manager for 5 Gold’s Gym locations is Georgia.

All together I’m managing an $350,000 monthly draft and around 50 staff members.

It was a FULL plate for a 21 something me and I learned a lot!

Here are the lessons that I learned on gym staff training:

Building Your Fantasy Team

I don’t play Fantasy Football but I do have a lot of friends that do. They get super ramped up each year picking out their team is looking at all the statistics so that I can have a good season.

fitness gym staff trainingThe process they go through is a lot like the process that you should go through to hire a good team.

You may already have your team in place and this concept will let you weed out the dead weight so you can have a more profitable and productive business.

So what do you look for when you’re trying to build your fantasy team?

Well, I would like to start with some questions just to get you thinking because that’s where the magic happens.

When you hire new staff you can focus on all the business Centric information or you can focus on the energy Centric information.

Here’s the difference…

…one’s going to let you know everything you need to know about a person on paper the other is going to let you know the truth.

When you do you’re interviewing you should have a set of questions that will allow the applicant to reveal their personality, fears, limitations, strength and other information you will need to find out if they are the right fit.

If you don’t like the person’s tone of voice or body language during the interview you’re not going to enjoy working with this person.

If this person is motivated by things that are against your values or principles you’re going to have problems.

It’s important to ask the right questions during the interview process so that you can “interview twice, higher once.

What do I mean?

I mean that you should have two interviews.

The first interview is to make sure that this person is going to fit on your fantasy team for the Long Haul. It’s important during the first interview that you let a manager or other staff member do the interview for you as the manager or owner. This puts into place a hierarchy and a set of procedures that ensure you make the best decision for your business and don’t become your worst enemy.

I know a lot of owner that hire the worst employees ever and wonder why they have staff issues…

Remember two eyes are better then no eyes but four are better than two.

Trust your team to help you pick the right one!

On the second interview that’s when you’re going to get into the nuts and bolts of the person’s ability to add value to your business.

It’s important that you hire people that can do multiple tasks within your business.

Example if you have a front desk girl she should have advanced and energetic social media skills.

If you hire a manager he or she should have went through some type of self-development and personal growth program so that they understand the importance of developing out the gifts in your step.

If you hire a gym sales consultant they should have experience selling other service based products.

The important thing is to make sure that each new staff member has a variety of skills that they can bring to the business.

Each staff member will be responsible for keys functions in the business but they’re also have downtime where they can deploy their gift or genius within the business that has nothing or little to do with their primary responsibilities.

As long as you have good daily operating procedures and good job description and procedure list you should be able to build your fantasy team easily and be able to manage them with very little effort… but the hiring process is key.

Social Pressure Works

Marine Corps boot camp taught me this lesson and as I was managing gyms I use it constantly. In boot camp you’re supposed to function as one cohesive unit.


But when you pack 80+ men or women into the same room everyone’s going to have different triggers, motivations and personalities.

The Marine Corps uses a very simple technique to get everybody on the same page in the mind.

We will call this social pressure.

“When one of us messes up we all suffer” is the concept behind this principle.

When one of your staff members messes up more than once it’s smart to hold a team responsible.

It’s been proven that we learn better from our peers then we do teachers or professors. This is the reason that study groups are so powerful.

By applying this concept to your staff training you can get each staff member to help train other staff members and reinforce the rules and procedures are put in place.

WARNING: Please don’t just callout people! There is a process of doing this that is right and many that are wrong. To make this happen correctly you need gym policies and proceeders that CLEARLY spell out what’s the “right way” to do things.

If you still have issues with a certain staff member you can begin to take away staff privileges or have mandatory clean up work days (my favorite) that all staff members have to be involved with.

You won’t have to use this method often and in most cases will only have to use it one time to weed out and fix the issues for good.

Read Their Mind

This one’s going to seem counterintuitive because when one of your employees are late it pisses you off.

Why it makes you mad is another conversation but why they are late all the time it’s something you should understand.

gym staff training

By having empathy and understanding what your staff is thinking and going through you’re able to better serve them and they are able to better serve your members.

A happy staff produces 10, 20 100x’s what a unhappy staff can do.

You may feel you’re doing your employees a favor by employing them and giving them some money but in truth you need them much more than they need you.

Never forget that!

Having a healthy appreciation and love for your staff is the key to a successful team. You cannot have this unless you have empathy for each one of them, meaning you try to put yourself into their shoes and understand what’s going on in their head.

This has other benefits because you’ll also learn what’s going on in your members head so you can craft better marketing messages and grow your business with less effort.

If you use the two previous methods this one should be the icing on top that helps you look like a hero instead of just a mean boss.

To better explain the dynamics of being late and why people do it check out this article why people are late.

I hope these three methods can help you with your staff problem… It was fun writing it!

We love helping gym owners with staffing issues and training, providing coaching as well as manuals, procedures list, and job descriptions for gym owners to solve most of the unknowns.

Another Surefire way to avoid having to receive a call about a staff member not showing up is to become a 24-hour gym.

Once you have the correct software and hardware in place your gym can run on autopilot and all you’ll need is a good system and your laptop or a smart device.

You can sit on the beach or in your office and run EVERYTHING!

As a bonus we also give you our club management manual that includes job descriptions, procedures list and other staff training, sales and marketing systems.

If you want to get more information about a 24-hour gym systems or our staff training program CLICK HERE.

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