3 Tips To Increase Your Gym Membership Sales

3 Tips To Increase Your Gym Membership Sales… Takes Only 5 Minutes

If you heard about a process that could help you sale more gym memberships, would you be interested in learning more about it?

Sure you would!

Well, in this post I’m going to give you a proven way to help you grow your membership base overnight and all it’s going to take is 5 minutes each day.

At first it may seem too simple to actually work, but if you suspend disbelief for a few minutes and try it, you will be shocked to see it really does work.

So what is it?

The 5 Minute Reboot That Will Help You Be More Successful in Gym Membership Sales

What if I told you that your mind and body may be sabotaging your efforts to grow your fitness business to the point that working from some sandy beach a world away was possible?

Would you have the positive faith needed REALLY to believe it was possible?


Maybe the negativity from day-to-day life or from those that surround you would make it impossible for you to see the forest through the trees.

Trust me… don’t miss out on a simple truth because you’re not ready to let go of the past.

Now that you understand what it’s going to take, let’s get into it….

The 3 Tips To Increase Your Gym Membership Sales Closing Percentages… In ONLY 5 Minutes

Ok lets break it down and be honest…

Your business needs this and you need it.

These stress busting techniques work and over time, if practiced, you will start to get feedback from others that they can see something new in you.

Ready to expand?

Tip 1 – Smile. It’s not rocket science that a smile can change a life.

Did you know that 5 minutes of smiling can change brain chemistry for the better?

Try it right now…

Smile from ear-to-ear and the bigger the better and HOLD it as long as you can.

You should be feeling better by now and over time this will train your brain at the command of the smile. Super powerful!

Tip 2 – Breath. You do it all day without even thinking about it, but I want you to do it with focus.


Stay Thirsty My Friends!

This is an art.

Have fun here and melt into yourself as you feel your chest rise and fall.

Taking slow, deep breaths in through the nose and blowing out of the mouth. Feel your higher oxygen levels and brain activity.

Now combine this with the smile so that you’re smiling and breathing with focused effort.

Tip 3 – Speak. What you speak becomes law.

I teach this principle in my gym membership sales training.

If you can get the prospect to say “your gym is conveniently located for them to use” then they can not say later that your to far away.

If they say it… it’s LAW.

The same is true for you and your words.

So here is a little chat you use to close out your 5 minute smiling and breathing session.

But make sure to say it with PASSION & EMOTION so that it’s implanted deep into your subconscious brain.

You see, that’s how ideas and thoughts are transported into the subconscious… they ride the emotional Greyhound bus and get dropped off on the door step of your CORE brain.

Say it out LOUD, like you mean it!
(While Breathing Deeply & Smiling)

I lead not follow
I believe not doubt
I create not destroy
I make the news not watch the news
I am a leader
I am a force for good
I am a force for God
I defy the odds
I set the standard
I stand up, take charge
I win!

… and repeat it if your still feeling average.

I hope this little daily helps you as much as its been helping me.

If you enjoyed the read, please share it with somebody that needs some positive business tips.


Joshua Fleming
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Joshua Fleming

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Joshua Fleming
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