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Hey guys, I hope everyone is having a great week. I just got done teaching a fitness boot camp. Yea, that’s right, I’m a certified personal trainer and a fitness business owner myself. Although I haven’t talked much about it, being an owner myself, I understand the frustrations and challenges that health club owners face in this type of economy. I specialize in marketing and management systems for the health club industry, yet with all my knowledge and 18 years experience in the fitness industry, I can tell you it has never been harder than it is right now to earn a living in the fitness industry. I mean it used to be like shooting fish in a barrel…do some direct mail, have a fancy promotion and you could simply sit back and fill your gym up with happy, high paying members. Life was great! But all of that has changed. Now the fish shoot back!

shooting-fish-barrel-big using Fitness Marketing

In this new era of the fitness industry, it’s not good enough to have new equipment and freshly painted walls, and you can forget about things being like they used to be. So what do we do as fitness business owners? How do we stay afloat, or better yet, how do we flourish in an atmosphere that is hostile to the growth of a fitness business?

Well …. we have been busy finding the solutions you need. Over the next few weeks and months, we are going to be doing a complete redesign of this website, our business model and our approach to helping fitness business owners like you. If your not part of our Sales Sniper Newsletter, Click Here to enroll to receive future updates.

Here are a few topics that we will be discussing in the coming weeks and months:

1. We will be revealing our “Membership Dominator” program – This program is a done for you marketing and promotion service that will drive in a ton of new members, increase your draft, give you thousands in new cash deposits, and supply your club with up to $30,000 in free advertising. All with no risk and no out of pocket expense for you. Plus, while our staff is on site running our “Membership Dominator” program, we will train your staff to be membership sales experts, just like we are.

2. We will be revealing our “Club Boss” program- This is the solution that successful gym owners have been looking for. If you have been trying to figure out how you can work less hours, make more money, reduce expenses and headaches, all without having to pay a butt load of money out for general manager salaries, and consulting firms, then “Club Boss” is your solution. We will give you an experienced management team, complete management, marketing, sales systems manuals, designs, and much more. We will take you from being a successful club to being the strongest gym in your area. All while giving you, the owner, less responsibilities and more free time.

3. We will be revealing our “Low Price Ninja” program Fact: if a low price model club opens in your area, i.e. a Planet Fitness or similar type of model, it’s only a matter of time before your club and all the other clubs in your area begin to struggle, go out of business and fail. With our “Low Price Ninja” program, you can now convert your club to the low price model without any fear of it affecting your future business in a negative way. If you would like to add 200-500 new members month after month, year after year, reduce monthly expenses and grow your draft beyond your wildest dreams, than the “Low Price Ninja” is your solution. If you have been considering paying $25,000 to get a Planet Fitness franchise to compete in the highly competitive fitness industry…DON’T! If you have been thinking about simply lowering your price and calling yourself a low price club….DON’T…it’s more complicated than that. Fitness360 is the only company in the industry today offering a program like this. So we will only be opening this program up to a select number of clubs per year and the clubs we do accept into the program, have to meet certain qualifications. If this program is something you’re interested in getting more information about, stay tuned to our site updates for more information or contact us at 888-434-8360.

4. We will be revealing our done for you fitness consulting programs, built around diet and nutrition, ladies only gyms, group fitness programs, fitness boot camps, personal training studios, and many others.

As you can see we have a lot of things we have been working on and I can not wait to reveal to you, our clients, all the new tactics and strategies we have been developing. So if your not part of our Sales Sniper Newsletter, join now by Clicking Here.

And as always, feel free to contact us at 888-434-8360 for any questions about our products or services.

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