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10 Distinctions Between Fitness Business Millionaires and Middle Class Fitness Professionals (Part 1)

So my wife and I just got finished reading a great book called, “The Top 10 Distinctions Between Millionaires and the Middle Class”  by Keith Cameron Smith. Funny thing about my wife and I is how we like to learn and take new information in. You see I have dyslexia and A.D.D. so reading a…

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When It Is Time To Change Your Fitness Marketing Strategy

Don’t we all see variety and change? We eventually find new ways to keep up busy and entertained and all that stimulation is quite refreshing especially when we wanted to achieve results such as gaining a lot from our fitness marketing. How dated and old your fitness marketing campaigns are? Have you been using the…

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3 Proven Steps to Improve Retention for Enjoyable Gym Members and Personal Training Clients

Hello Monday morning warriors! As you go through your day today you are going to be laughing your butt off at guys in your club that fit the role model of these guys in the video. After spending 18 years in the fitness industry, I think I have acted like each one of these guys…

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Bootcamp Marketing Formula 101 is the Answer

Bootcamp Marketing Formula 101 To be successful at bootcamp marketing, first and foremost, as in any business venture, in order to be successful you have to really love what you do. You have to be persistent and consistent. You have to be willing to push through the hard times and keep your eyes on the…

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Top Networking Social Media Sites for Fitness Marketing

Fitness centers who are involved in fitness marketing and have found their audience in the social media are now working hard not just towards achieving the perfect healthy lifestyle but also reaching out to their market even when they are not in their yoga mats. If your fitness center is taking a multi-platform approach to…

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How Effective Can Health Club Management Be

Managing a fitness center is quite difficult, very demanding and such a unique position to be in. Health club management means to exert more effort in helping their fitness center grow more profitable. What makes a fitness center become more successful at the hands of its health club manager? A health club manager’s efficacy requires…

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