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Dont Act Like Eddie

I have a huge mission for you… DO YOU WANT THE MISSION? If you’re in your club right now, stop reading this blog, and do a complete walk-through of your club. I want you to look at the following: Baseboards Equipment Cables, ropes and pulleys Mirrors Ceiling tiles Men’s & Women’s bathrooms (toilets, mirrors, walls,…

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BIG NEWS!!! (It Concerns Your Front Desk)

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays! Have you ever seen the movie “Elf?” It’s one of our staple movies to watch as a family during Christmas. To be honest I still act like Buddy the Elf sometimes…even at 36. I realized watching Buddy the Elf the other day that one of the reasons I’ve been successful…

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take-massive-action in fitness marketing

Mindset To Taking Massive Action with Tony Robbins, Frank Kern and John Ree

Monkey See Monkey Do Lots of good nuggets in this one…

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Hummer vs Jeep Rolling in the Mud – Fitness Marketing Plan

[jwplayer config=”Blog” mediaid=”4844″]Being in the Marines, I was able to drive Hummers and have my Hummer’s license. It’s hard to put a Hummer in a situation that it can’t handle. This video reminded me of the importantce of a good fitness marketing plan. The Hummer is so effective because it does exactly what it was…

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God Bless The USA – Remember 9/11

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Fitness Sales – Fitness Marketing Testimonial from City Fitness

Look what we did at City Fitness in Lynn MA. We converted them to the “low price” model to compete against the 3 Planet Fitness that opened up near them. People can’t help but to love the low price promise. Our fitness sales team in only 4 weeks brought in 180 new sales, $28k gross…

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