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Designing Your Life In 2014

Hey there, As I was talking to my business operations manager (Wade) about closing out the 4th quarter strong and setting goals for 2014 I realized…. I love this time of year and I have a lot to be thankful for..         I’m thankful for my wife and 3 children, especially…

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The Fortune is in the Follow Up – A Gym Marketing Follow Up System

One of the ┬ámajor areas that gyms struggle with is inconsistant follow up systems for their prospects. This is probably the #1 reason for major revenue losses in the fitness industry. But, fortunately, it is also one of the easiest things you can fix at your gym and all it will cost you is a…

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shotgun fitness marketing

Mistake #1: Shotgun Fitness Marketing

Are you a health club owner that is having a hard time making your fitness facility profitable? If so, you are not alone. Believe it or not, but 7 out of 10 gyms in the United States alone are operating at breakeven or are completely in the red due to “Shotgun Fitness Marketing”. And these…

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Front Desk Fails

Ok, I ran across this video when I was surfing the web and started laughing hysterically. Check this out before I even go further: Now seriously, tell me that isn’t the funniest thing you have seen in a while? What I find even more amusing is that you and I both know of someone or…

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Is Your Fitness Business Past Oriented or Future Oriented and Why It's Important In 2013

Embrace 2013 and Work for the Future in Your Fitness Business

Being that this is the first blog of the new year, I thought I would start off with saying congratulations! Congratulations for what, you ask? For making it another year in your fitness business. I’m not going to lie, 10-15 years ago this industry was completely different. I can remember as a membership sales consultant…

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fire ants fitness marketing

Why Fire Ants are Amazing – How To Add Personality Into Your Fitness Marketing Plan

Before you start a fitness marketing plan you need to get your head right. I can bet you spend most of your time thinking about your fitness business more than anything else in your life if you’re really honest with yourself. You may feel like your stuck in a rut or you may be looking…

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