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12 Reasons a Fitness Business Website Design is Important

Howdy Y’all! A Fitness Business Website Design is Crucial for Your Growth.I was on the phone today with a coaching client and he asked about this topic. Many of you have probably heard that in order to grow your fitness business you need a fitness website, but you might not know how crucial it is.…

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3 Awesome Profit Center Ideas for Your Fitness Business

Hey! How’s it going? Lets start with you answering these 4 questions and then let me show how to fix the “no’s” Do you sell supplements or made-to-order meals in your fitness business? Is your fitness business making as much money as you feel it should? Are your clients getting the results they are looking…

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Fitness Sales – The Secrets of Twelve Internet Millionaires Revealed

You now have an opportunity to receive the Internet marketing education that can last a lifetime. The Secret Classroom Will Shed NEW Light On Fitness Sales Methods It’s not an ebook that overpromises and underdelivers. It’s not a software tool that teases you with an “easy” button and leaves you disappointed. And it’s not a…

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Knowing When to Call in the Consultants

Could your health club or weight loss business benefit from fitness consulting? In today’s market, every member counts and many businesses are struggling to maintain membership roles as people make spending cutbacks. Deciding whether fitness consulting is the right thing for your business can be tricky. After-all, as the recession affects your member’s pocketbooks it…

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Track your Marketing $$$

Would you like to know where your calls are coming from, who’s calling and what marketing is really working? Even better, would you like to improve and enhance service response at the club level? You can. Add an 800 or local call tracking number to your marketing efforts. All calls are directed to your main…

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Direct Mail Tips for Health Clubs

Direct Mail Tips for Health Clubs How to Accelerating Reply Rates In choosing an effective marketing strategy, most businesses do not leave out broadcast advertising postcards as a choice. Apart from saving on advertising costs as it entails cheaper cost, it simply still functions as an efficient selling tool in spite of the more advanced…

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