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Track your Marketing $$$

Would you like to know where your calls are coming from, who’s calling and what marketing is really working? Even better, would you like to improve and enhance service response at the club level? You can. Add an 800 or local call tracking number to your marketing efforts. All calls are directed to your main…

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Fitness Boot Camps 101…. A Three Step Plan

In today’s market place you not just have to be creative but you also have to be able to deliver. As a fitness professional, if you’ve spent any time researching paths to increase the profits you generate from your business, you know that boot camps are an excellent way to do just that. Running a…

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21 tips in developing a profitable Telemaketing Program for health clubs.

There are many forms of health club marketing. Some produce a higher ROI (Return on Investment) than others. Phone sales or Telemarketing is an under valued method to effectively contact your potential health club members and close sales. Receiving a phone call from an energetic health club professional, with a purpose driven phone script, is…

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How to make money with Cardboard Lead Boxes Program-Part 2 of 2

We never cease trying to find brand-new faculty, devices and programs to help YOU, the “Owners,” put more capital in your pocket, work less time and provide to your members an great experience while in your club. When we say we ARE the best in the business its not just epilogue. It’s a fact! We…

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The 4 steps to have happy members using smart Health Club Marketing.

The members of a health club either make you the club a success or they can bring complete failure. It’s up to the club owner to decide which way it will go. Fitness360 realizes what owners go though on a daily basis. Bills, equipment, computers, employees, programs, advertising, etc. It’s never ending and it can…

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Making cash with Lead Boxes-Part 1 of 2

What does your gym need? More members? Better retention? An edge on your competition? An increase in profits? All of the above is likely the case. The bottom line is that you need a steady flow of prospects coming through the doors of your club in order to be successful. The of Fitness360 is to…

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