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Run Your Own Fitness Boot Camp in A Small Community

There are practically thousands of fitness boot camp launching all over America and any one of them could have the most powerful, tested, tried and proven formula on how to run your own boot camp. Fitness instructors are probably touting the most profit potential fitness boot camp program in history and you might be left…

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5 Elements of a Successful Health Club Website

Hey, Joshua here, and I have a very special post for you today. See, I’m so busy helping health clubs nationwide with their marketing, that I have to hire outside help for marketing my own business! To do this, I looked no further than expert marketers Louisa (Lou) Levit and David Tendrich. They are complete…

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Are You Ready For The Next Level Of Fitness Marketing & Health Club Management?

Hey guys, I hope everyone is having a great week. I just got done teaching a fitness boot camp. Yea, that’s right, I’m a certified personal trainer and a fitness business owner myself. Although I haven’t talked much about it, being an owner myself, I understand the frustrations and challenges that health club owners face…

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Fitness Sales – Fitness Marketing Testimonial from City Fitness

Look what we did at City Fitness in Lynn MA. We converted them to the “low price” model to compete against the 3 Planet Fitness that opened up near them. People can’t help but to love the low price promise. Our fitness sales team in only 4 weeks brought in 180 new sales, $28k gross…

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The building blocks of a good Fitness Marketing Plan

Fitness Centers are tightening their budgets and many of them are cutting their marketing budget. I understand that these times are tough and I know that many Health Clubs are even laying off employees, but it is important to understand that cutting your marketing budget can often cause more harm to the growth of your…

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Health Club Management – Coaching your Team towards a Goal

Over the past few weeks I’ve been doing a lot of consulting with club owners in regards to club management. This is one in particular that I’m very passionate about, mainly because that’s where I got my start in the fitness industry. It really drives me bananas when I walk into a health club and…

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