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Going Old School in Fitness Center Sales across America – Muscle Trap Gym makes $16,000 in 14 days with Fitness360 Marketing!

If I told you that Fitness360 can help your gym I would be telling you the truth. But when it comes to marketing fitness centers & gyms the proof is in pudding. They say,”A picture is worth a 1000 words.” I say a phone call could be worth $1,000’s. Fitness Sales systems by Fitness360 brings…

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Health Club Madness

WARNING!– I would like you to read the following paragraphs with the utmost care. What I’m about to say is not only a warning, but is also a friendly suggestion from a fellow professional in the health club industry. If you need help, don’t wait, call today! I have talked with several club owners in…

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Fitness Sales – 3 Secrets to Success

Fitness Sales is very easy if you understand a few key facts. OK so let’s look at this for a minute. For this example my name is John. I walk into your health club expecting to get some pricing on how much memberships cost. Now I’ve never been a member of a health club in…

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Fitness Center Marketing

Finding New Customers For Gyms A solid and highly focused fitness center marketing plan is one of the keys to long term success in the health club business. You need to keep the members you have as well as encourage new membership. Marketing to these disparate groups can prove confusing and frustrating if you do…

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Health Club Management Software

Save Time and Effort with Integrated Health Club Management Software Should you invest in a health club management software package for your business? Running a health club can be very time intensive and the need to transfer data between separate membership and back of house systems just adds to the weekly workload. Having an integrated…

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What Makes For a Good Health Club Business Plan?

The fundamentals of goal settings will involve deciding what you actually wish to do with your private life and what short term and long term goals you must attain it. Then you have to break down goals into the smaller and controllable targets that you have to complete in your way to achieving your lifetime…

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