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It’s A Girl! & How Does That Ties Into Fitness Marketing?

Wow! It’s been over a month since my last post & I wanted to apologize for that. I have been having a baby and working on some fitness marketing secret weapons that will be released in the coming months. But that is still no excuse. I Need To Be BEAT Silly ! I’ve had a…

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Going Old School in Fitness Center Sales across America – Muscle Trap Gym makes $16,000 in 14 days with Fitness360 Marketing!

If I told you that Fitness360 can help your gym I would be telling you the truth. But when it comes to marketing fitness centers & gyms the proof is in pudding. They say,”A picture is worth a 1000 words.” I say a phone call could be worth $1,000’s. Fitness Sales systems by Fitness360 brings…

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Health Club Madness

WARNING!– I would like you to read the following paragraphs with the utmost care. What I’m about to say is not only a warning, but is also a friendly suggestion from a fellow professional in the health club industry. If you need help, don’t wait, call today! I have talked with several club owners in…

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Fitness Sales – 3 Secrets to Success

Fitness Sales is very easy if you understand a few key facts. OK so let’s look at this for a minute. For this example my name is John. I walk into your health club expecting to get some pricing on how much memberships cost. Now I’ve never been a member of a health club in…

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How to hire a personal trainer for gym

The 5 Areas of Focus For Hiring A Personal Trainer For Your Gym

After being ask by over 100 clients “How do I hire a good personal trainer for my gym“  I had to come up with a good answer. I think the simplest way to answer that’s to tell you how we sales the benefits of using a personal trainer to a future member. Concentrate on how…

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