Eat Breakfast!

For some people eating breakfast is a special event that usually occurs only when others are cooking or buying. You can bet that if you’re overweight the chances are you don’t regularly eat a healthy breakfast.

Facts about breakfast:

oThe word “breakfast” mean “to break a fast.” That’s right! You have been fasting for the past 6-8 hours. You body has been most likely eating itself there by taring down muscle tissue. Since muscles burn calories and fat then this is BAD!

oWhen you skip breakfast your metabolism slows by 35% for that day.

oWhat you eat for breakfast will determine blood sugar levels, heart rate, water retention, etc. to some degree.

oIt IS the most important meal of the day!

So with this in mind treat your body right and eat a healthy well-balanced breakfast each and every day.If you would like to know what to eat then consult with a local dietrician and/or a certified personal trainer.

Fitness360 offers an online software application with our Personal Training Solutions which contains:

Robust Nutritional Programs – You and your clients can access every food that is available in the USDA database to find nutritional values and caloric content. Create client accountability with automated food logging, nutritional reporting, calorie tracking, and if you can’t find a food item in our database – just add it in with our “Easy Add” system! This component alone will easily double the profits from your online personal training business!

Create Custom Meal Plans- Use the exclusive DietMaster(TM) software to create goal specific RD designed meal plans in seconds. Choose from hundreds of meal plan types such as low fat, low carb, performance athlete, vegetarian, On-The-Go, and many others. You even have the ability to create customized meal plans from scratch, or modify existing meal plans – A proven money maker!

Weekly Grocery List – The exclusive DietMaster(TM) software will even create a detailed weekly grocery list based on your clients seven day meal plan. This popular feature makes grocery shopping a no brainer – Your clients will love you for this feature!  And best of all, it’s included in your online personal training software!


Create Thousands Of Training Programs – Create, name, and save your favorite training programs to your “Locker” for quick and easy program design. Demonstrate proper form and technique with biomechanically accurate demonstration videos from our database containing thousands of exercises in both male and female gender!

Expand Your Business To The Web- Leverage your time and gain financial freedom by taking your training business to the web. Use the power and reach of the Internet to connect with online clients anywhere in the world. Your business will soar when you use “F360 Trainer” to deliver professional fitness programs to your clients!

Quickly Create Personalized Diet Plans – Generate even more revenue by creating robust seven day meal plans and detailed grocery lists for your clients in seconds with the industry leading DietMaster(TM) nutrition program. Choose from hundreds of goal specific meal types, or create customized nutrition plan from scratch – It’s quick and easy to use!

Grow Your In-person Business – Earn more profits by incorporating online training programs and personalized meal plans as part of your in-person training services. Tap into new niche markets, uncover hidden revenue, and retain your clients longer. Offer budget friendly alternatives for those who can not afford one-on-one training sessions – and never lose another potential client.

The Ultimate Retention Tool – Use “F360 Trainer” to attract new clients, and retain more of your current clients by offering services and benefits that your competitors do not! With “F360 Trainer” you can super-charge your marketing to attract and retain loyal clients.

Accept Payments Online – Accept payments from your very own personalized web page – it’s quick and easy to set up! Showcase your services, your contact information, and your personal bio. Easily create and edit your personal web page. Add your logo, set your prices, and market your services on the world wide web – our proven marketing system shows you how step-by-step!

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