Fitness Boot Camps 101…. A Three Step Plan


In today’s market place you not just have to be creative but you also have to be able to deliver. As a fitness professional, if you’ve spent any time researching paths to increase the profits you generate from your business, you know that boot camps are an excellent way to do just that.

Running a fitness boot camp makes it easy to :

* Book multiple clients at the same time, augmenting your output
* Train folks with little or no equipment
* Set everything up without having your own gym or studio
* Work with huge groups of folks all at the same time
* Earn more income an hour without doing more work

Folk are flocking to these boot camps because they’re fun, effective, and convenient. Health club owners are missing a massive amount of money by not integrating boot camps into there inventory of programs.

And since you can perform fitness boot camps at local parks, playgrounds, or even in your own yard, there’s no need for a gym membership – or any overhead fees for you. That means that the average Joe personal trainer can suck uplarge amounts of  business with just a few easy advertisements. This leaves you Joe health club owner with less clients, less cash and more worries.

So lets go over a few thing to think about before just leaping into doing boot camps, then I will help you get the ball rolling.

(Step 1)

Ask why? Why are you wanting to start a boot camp? The first question to ask yourself is what are your long-term goals is in regards to your personal training profits center. If your not producing at least 25% of your club money in some kind of personal training, boot camps, weight loss, etc then you not running a successful club. Now you may be saying  “wait, I am not making that sort of cash on PT but I am doing OK.” I’ll just say that different folk may have different standards for success.

If your goal is to maximize your profits and cut back your workload then boot camps are great way to do just that. So what is a fitness boot camp? The term “boot camp” just means big group training class. A boot camp will ideally have 10-20 clients. Sessions will last 60-90 mins. The price tag should be between $125-$199 per month. We all know that one on one PT sessions are a waste of time. Sure if a client wants to pay you $90.00 per 1 hour sessions take the cash, but your personal training profit center will never grow if you’re still thinking Old school.

(Step 2)

Location. This is the most significant choice, considering the amount of FREE referral sales you can get, not to mention social proof for the program. Locations like parking lots ( in front of your club ), parks, group fitness room ( aerobics room ) can be great areas, seeing the guarantee of large amounts of foot traffic passing your way that will definitely have an interest in your product. Again, this is the most vital choice considering the amount of FREE referral marketing you can get, not to mention social proof for the program.

(Step 3)

Marketing. I can’t revile our full marketing  program for boot camps but I’m going to tell you the most valuable part of it. This alone can fill your boot camp in 1 month.
The Human Billboard. Never belittle the power of the human mouth! People like to talk, round the water cooler, on the golf course, in your health club, on the loo. So how can you capitalize on our bad practice of gossiping? Give away a free month by month pass to a client and 2 t-shirts with your boot camp theme trademark so as long as they promise to do three things for you ;

* They can’t tell anybody that you gave it to them free.

* They cannot be an energy hog. When they come to boot camp they need to bring it! No complaining.

* They need to referrer 1 person a month. This is so simple and if you need a few people to get the 10 member minimum the “human billboards” can fill the gap.

* They have to wear the t-shirt to every class.

* They must give 1 positive video testimonial, youtube video comment and blog comment each month. ( This is part of bigger marketing plan that we offer to our private clients )

Charge them nothing. While you’ve got an awesome program prepared, word will be traveling fast. This is also a good way to get some feedback on your product and make any last minute adjustments needed. ( Hitting 2 birds with 1 stone )

Most fitness info marketers “give up” during July and Aug, believing that everyone seems to be on holidays and no one will obtain workout programs over the summer. Well, i disagree with that way of thinking.

In this day and age, most Americans infrequently use all of their vacations anyway – not that the average employee even gets that many days off.

You can promote all kinds of things in the summer…such as a promo before or after you go on your own summer holiday, or merely a “Summer Break” sale for people who have gotten away from their workouts and spending too much time on the terrace and need some inducement to get back on track.

And eventually, you can run a Back to school / End of Summer / labor Day promotion to get folks back to your camps after a summer away from boot camp workouts. Last year, I had plenty of fun with a humorous email I sent out the day after Labor Day. This touch of humor tied in with the holiday led straight to a great day of sales. There was no special promotion, just the good use of tying in a vacation to regular communication with my list.

September is the 3rd busiest time of the year for boot camp workouts, and I’ll be readying a special set of vacation fitness boot camp promotion ideas for that time of the year soon!

To your continued success….

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