Our 24 Hour Gym Access System, Gym Management Software, Remote Surveillance and Gym Marketing System Include:

Management Software

Gives you full control of your members access, billing, and marketing. You can manage your members remotely with this gym management software. We integrate with most gym softwares.

Payments, Billing, EFT

Automate your finances and increase revenues. Make it convenient for your members to pay and you will find more members paying you. EFT billing for gyms and p.t. is smart.

Complete Reporting

See exactly what is going on in your fitness business day to day. If you have good analytics you can begin to tweek the system to produce a higher ROI. Discover the lifetime value of your client.

Check-in Equipment

An automated technology that allows you to reduce staffed hours at your gym and helps to create a safe atmosphere. As your overhead comes down, only staff during peak customer service hours.

Access Control

An automated access system into your gym will allow your members the ability to be able to come into your gym 24/7. This single tool gives you the freedom to run your gym remotely.

POS Software

POS systems for gyms allows for better customer service and more value. With this feature you will be able to sale more personal training sessions, t-shirts, smoothies, supplements, etc.

Member Communication

Build better relationships and stronger cultures in your fitness business. A gym with a strong culture is rarely at risk of going out of business. The key to culture is regular communication.

Payment Processing

Automatic payment processing all of your monthly receivables. Through automation you will be free to focus on money making activities or the things you are passionate about.

Referral System

An automated member referral technology that can get you 10x the amount of leads into your gym with half the effort. With more leads you will have more people to talk to and market.

Supplement Profit Center

Respectively grow your nutritional supplement profit center. Multiple streams of passive income means more options and more freedom for you and better results for your clients and members.

Branded Newsletter

Grow your brand and local fame, while providing expertly written content. Regular communication with your members about health, wellness, and fitness will frame you as an industry expert.

Branded Magazine

Your members and clients will love the useful content provided on a branded online magazine. One more tool to grow your local fame and expertise as a go to solution for health and fitness.

Smart Surveillance

Keep an eye on your staff, members and anything else you would like in your gym. Simply pick up your smart phone or laptop and check in when you like. 24 hour surveillance for your gym.

Clinician Referral

Get high quality fitness leads and gym members from local physicians in your area. Physician referrals usually result in high-end personal training and/or weight loss programs.

Money Back Guarantee

Buy with confidence knowing that if you are not fully satisfied you can get a full refund within 30 days. You have no risk other than not to take action and miss all the free time and referrals.

Member Multiplier

Automatically and virally email all of your new gym members email contacts with a free trial to your gym. Increase your monthly sales by turning one client into 20. Super Ninja!

24 Hour Marketing

Gain a new sales/marketing employee that works 24/7/365 to increase the amount of leads and sales you are making each month in your gym. Increase sales without increasing overhead.

Coaching & Consulting

This is the main reason you should work with us. Get the right advice and coaching on what's important to you. Having a customized system allows you to maximize output while reducing input.

Online Marketing Tools

Gym marketing via the internet is the key to the 4 hour work week. Advertise and market your fitness business exactly where your ideal customers are hanging out and shopping online.

Email Marketing Tools

Gives you the best marketing results dollar for dollar in your gym marketing efforts. Reach a larger audience, build value & relationships, and earn income at the click of a button.


Making Us TOP Ranking 24 Gym Conversion Company in The World.

Wade - 24/7 Fitness
We have an Anytime Fitness and a Snap Fitness within 5 miles of our club and we have pulled a lot of members away from them. Our club and the 24/7 system has exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend Fitness360 Fitness Services to anyone considering opening a 24 hour facility.
Donnie - Fitness Warehouse
Converting to 24/7 with Fitness360 was the best decision we ever made. We used to open at 5:30AM, but the dependability of that early shift worker was always a problem. There's nothing worse than getting a phone call from a member at 5:30AM complaining that the club isn't open. With this system, we never get those calls anymore.
Mike - World Gym
We have the surveillance system using remote monitoring at both clubs. The best feature is when the alarm company calls you at your home you can just click and view what is going on at your club. A great tool for all club owners!
Bob - Ice Athletic Center
Our location pushes the limits of capability with the distance from the computer to the door of 180'. The solution you have provided has worked well even at that distance. Just as important to me is your support when I made this change. It is nice to know that you provide superior technical knowledge that assures a successful implementation.
Paul - Eade Fitness
The marketing advantage I gained with a 24/7 club has allowed me to greatly reduce the money spent on advertising. The system sells itself through member referral. The most beneficial value of the 24/7 system has been seen in increased membership sales.
Anita - Express Fitness for Women
I'm so happy with the access system. It's been great and it's saved me so much money on payroll! At first the members were a little hesitant, but now they love it. I staff our club only 39 hours per week and only during the busy times.
Ted - Every Body Gym
This 24/7 system has really made my life much easier. Thank you!


( There are many more reasons but you get the point)


Fitness360 has factional ownership of several fitness business in the USA. Being an owner of this unique type of 24 hour facility has given us insight into what it takes to operate successfully. This experience as a club owner has helped us to develop our automated system in a real-world environment, and has allowed us to test new products thoroughly before introducing them to the public. We know what features are important to club owners, especially as they relate to the operation of an unstaffed facility. We have seen first hand the higher sales and lower expenses that result from offering club members this system. In fact, the success of our first club is what convinced us to open a second.


Fitness360 has provided technical products and services to the commercial fitness market for over a decade. When World Gym(TM) made the decision to enter the 24/7 fitness center market with their own franchised system, they turned to our system. In fact we worked directly with World Gym(TM) to convert their own corporately owned fitness club to 24 hour access - providing access control, surveillance, and a panic button system. We've worked with such industry leaders as Twin Oaks Software, ASF International, ABC Financial and Coral Springs Software.


If your goal is to maintain your independence while still running your club more efficiently, we have the solution for you. Unlike franchisors, which typically require thousands of dollars up front in franchise fees, and then charge another $300 - $500 a month in ongoing royalties - once you purchase a system from us, your financial obligation is done. Did you know that despite the money you spend on a franchise, you will still be required to purchase access, surveillance, and security systems at your own expense? Let us show you how to convert your club while maintaining your independence. You'll be amazed at the increased sales you'll make during your grand re-opening!


We've shipped well over 100 systems throughout the United States. We're drawing on our own experience and the input of our customers to refine the hardware required to meet the needs of 24/7 clubs. In addition, several software vendors have used our input to develop more efficient and reliable solutions for 24/7 clubs. We have standardized our systems so that we may keep critical components in stock. This allows for quick response time and better technical support should you ever have a concern that can't be remedied by phone or remote access.


A Complete DONE-FOR-YOU 24 Hour Member Management & Marketing Systems

We can build your system from the ground up or add to what you currently have to complete your 24 hour gym system.


You can work less and earn more and it has never been easier. All you need to do is to convert your club using a Access and Surveillance Systems! You’ll also enjoy a new found freedom from being chained to your business during standard business hours. Best of all, you’ll successfully compete with other clubs in your area while keeping your independence. Your members will absolutely love being able to access the club on their schedule. Club owners who use our system say they enjoy the freedom to leave the club knowing that members are still able to enter and work out. How many times have you been stuck in your club on a picture perfect summer afternoon, knowing there’s a slim chance that members will come in, but needing to be open during posted hours. Our system allows you to work at your club as needed and allows members to work out any time they want. It’s the best of both worlds!


With our system, your members will have the convenience of accessing the club anytime – including holidays! Plus, think of the under-served market potential of those who don’t work a standard shift – people like police officers, factory workers, doctors, and nurses. Many clubs have reported that running a Grand Reopening promotion after they’ve converted to 24/7 has netted them enough revenue to pay for their entire system! By catering to their needs, you’ll sell more memberships and boost revenue. PLUS we a conversion marketing bundling that will help you payoff your system in the first 90 days.


Shorten or eliminate certain shifts by staffing your fitness center only during peak times. Fitness centers that have installed our system have reduced payroll costs by 25-50%! They’ve eliminated unproductive weekend afternoon shifts and quiet mid weekday shifts. Until now, payroll has been nearly impossible to reduce. We have a helpful calculator that can help you determine just how much money you’ll save by converting to 24 hour access. More saving should result in more profits.


Lack of time….that’s the number one reason people give for not joining a fitness center! When you offer prospective members the convenience of working out 24 hours a day, you’ll put an end to this road block. Plus, you’ll get a competitive edge over other clubs by offering your members unlimited access. Not only that, but as an independent club owner, you’ve probably also noticed the phenomenal growth of franchises such as Anytime Fitness and Snap Fitness 24/7. These franchises are the fastest growing fitness clubs in the country, and they may be expanding into your area. The saying goes that the best defense is a strong offense. Your best bet to prevent clubs like these from poaching your members is to stop them before they come. When scouting new locations, they study existing clubs in the area. If you already have 24/7 access at your fitness center, they will often move on to the next town.

Why Consider Our DONE-FOR-YOU Solotion?


    Run everything from the cash draw to the front door!

    Completely control who enters your club after hours!

    Pull out your smart phone or laptop to keep an eye on things!

    Our team shows up in 3 weeks to install any where in the USA.


Stats To Consider


Number of gyms we have successfully helped to convert to the 24 hour model.


Amount of extra hours a 24 hour gym can offer it's members per year.


Amount of profit lost each year due to high payroll, fees & no marketing system.


Amount of time & labor you can save each week by becoming a 24 hour club.
AnitaExpress Fitness for Women
I’m so happy with the access system. It’s been great and it’s saved me so much money on payroll! At first the members were a little hesitant, but now they love it. I staff our club only 39 hours per week and only during the busy times.
DonnieFitness Warehouse
Converting to 24/7 with Fitness360 was the best decision we ever made. We used to open at 5:30AM, but the dependability of that early shift worker was always a problem. There’s nothing worse than getting a phone call from a member at 5:30AM complaining that the club isn’t open. With this system, we never get those calls anymore.
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