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We Specialize in Fitness Marketing and Can Help You in 3 Simple Ways.


First, we help YOU, the club owner or manager, get more new members. We have one of the largest inventories of graphic images in the United States. New designs are added to the website every month from which you can choose. Whether your campaign is towards new membership, member retention or holidays, we have the designs available. If you do not see exactly what you want, no problem. Using your graphics and ideas, or ours, we can custom design any piece for you. With over 1,000 images of women in our image bank, we can help you design the perfect marketing look.

Secondly, we help you maximize your dollar potential from existing members. Direct mail campaigns are one of the most effective ways to increase your fitness center’s membership. We are a full service marketing agency that will not only design the front and back of your postcard in four color, but we will also mail them for you. We provide the mailing list, do the ink-jetting and mail your cards all for one low price – soup to nuts, we handle everything!  Based on your club’s address we can do either an occupancy list, zip code list, radius list, women only list or income based list. Our expert staff will help you decide what works best for your needs.

Thirdly, help you measure the ROI so you can tell whats working and whats not. With our exclusive internet campaign, the wave of the future is at your fingertips today! Just a click of the mouse allows you to send instant emails to whomever you want. Send newsletters, flyers, happy birthday cards and guest passes to your existing member base. Reach potential members with details about your club or current promotions- whatever you want. You design the direct emails using our state-of-the-art software designed for first time users, so we know you will love them!


Our formula for success includes consulting, retention cards, flyers, brochures, VIP cards, business cards, direct mail, posters, internet campaign, lead boxes, custom graphics and more.Let us help you get started….


The single best way to generate interest in your facility. Place LEAD BOXES in local businesses with high traffic and watch the leads come in! Patrons read your information from the LEAD BOX header (see LEAD BOX HEADER page for details), fill out the simple form, and drop it in the box. On a regular basis, your sales staff collects the leads, and places follow up calls.
Cardboard Leadboxes: 25 for $525
50 for $325
100 for $499
Note: Available in black. Price includes headers and 1,000 lead slips.

fitness VIP CARD
fitness VIP CARD


Create traffic to your club. Place 25 – 50 holders per location. Fast food restaurants, hair salons and large traffic areas are suggested for best results.


Slightly larger than a business card, VIP Cards are a great promotional piece to pass out to get people to try your club.

VIP Card Holders: 25 for $225
50 for $325
100 for $499
VIP Cards: 5,000 for $325
10,000 for $500
VIP Cards
2.75″ x 4″
4 color front and back

Direct Mail Postcards
Direct Mail Postcards
Postcards: 5,000 for $550
10,000 for $800
20,000 for $1,500
Note: (5.5″ x 11.5″) Price includes design and 4 color front and back.
Direct Mail Postcards: 10,000 pieces for 35¢
5,000 pieces for 38¢
Note: (5.5″ x 11.5″) Price includes design and 4 color front and back.

Brochures really summarize the mission, focus and amenities of your facility. Combined with state-of-the art design and four-page color, you are guaranteed to build your new member base as well as attract current clientele to new services. Make a long-lasting impact with Future Fitness’ custom, four-color brochures. Creating these information packed brochures is a way to really show off your club and get your message out there. Complete packages include postage and ink-jetted address labels within the demographic list that is right for you. All of our work is original, and our graphics are fresh, targeting any one of your club’s detailed messages. Customized to meet the needs of your establishment, brochures are a solid, comprehensive way to introduce your new club or services by communicating to your current and potential clients. This is a concrete marketing tool for all health club owners.
8.5″ x 11″ Trifold:
4 color
5,000 for $950
10,000 for $1,400
8.5″ x 11″ Flyer:
4 color front and back
5,000 for $975
10,000 for $1,295
11″ x 17″ Bifold:
4 color
10,000 for $2,900
20,000 for $3,900

An alternative to direct mail, door hangers let you show the neighborhood what you have to offer.
Door Hangers: 5,000 for $1025
10,000 for $1,425
4″ x 11″
4 color front and back

First impressions are important. Your visual identity should make a statement!
Business Cards:
1,000 for $199
2″ x 3.5″
4 Color front and back.

Posters are a key internal marketing tool. Not only do these prints enhance the overall beauty of your club, they regularly change the look by conveying a unique message through cross promotion. Use them to set up referral campaigns for your existing members, or match your leadbox headers. They are also perfect for targeting your corporate advertising needs. Large format prints or posters are closely tied to your internal profit centers through the promotion of your specials. By using large format prints, they help in promoting your specials. Your current members can view your tanning specials, juice bar specials and any membership promotions currently being offered. These posters are informative to members, as well as visitors touring your club. Posters can be customized to meet your specific needs. Our standard sizes are 12″ x 18″ and 2′ x 3′ glossy stock.
12″ x 18″: $45.99
24″ x 36″: $90.00
4 color

Newspaper Ads:

Direct Email Marketing By Zip Code

Reach Your Best Potential Customers Quickly and Inexpensively

Fitness 360, along with our Strategic Alliance Partners, can now bring you Opt In Email Lists by Zip Code. The “Consumer Opt In Emails” file allows direct marketers to reach highly responsive consumers in a cost and time efficient environment. What this means to you is that we can not only target email based on audience demographic profile, but also by city, zip code or postal carrier route. Some of our customers are seeing audience open rates between 8% and 15% versus a 2% industry average. All consumers have given their permission to email them relevant offers. Before a record is added to the file, its email address is verified for deliverability and accuracy. We then verify opt in status of each consumer through a permission message, and we strictly adhere to all anti-SPAM regulations and practices.

Selects Available Include:

oHousehold Information
oNew Movers
oCredit Card Activations
o And more…
We recommend running a 5 mile radius list from your club. Shortly after your email blast is sent, an Email Delivery & Performance Report will be generated and sent to you showing how many emails were sent out, how many were received and how many were opened.
Email By Demographics: 10,000 for $550
$100 for html design

Show off your facility in a fun way. 3D visuals are great for presentation. An overhead view of your club can be incorporated on printed material such as brochures and postcards as well as your website.
3D Design: $1,900

Now you can have all your internal marketing materials designed, printed and shipped directly to you for one convenient, low price!
Everything Your Need To Market Your Business

oHigh Converting Website Design
oCustom Logo Design
oRetail T-Shirt Design
oLead Box and Pads (10)
oBusiness Cards Built to Convert (1000)