Fitness Sales – 3 Secrets to Success

Fitness Sales

Fitness Sales is very easy if you understand a few key facts.

OK so let’s look at this for a minute. For this example my name is John. I walk into your health club expecting to get some pricing on how much memberships cost. Now I’ve never been a member of a health club in the past, but my doctors tell me that I need to start exercising if I want to live a little longer and increase my sex drive. So, reluctantly, I drive down to my local gym and now find myself standing at your front counter. The conversation will go something like this:

Joe Gym Owner:
Hey, how can I help you today?

I would like to know what your rates are.

Joe Gym Owner:
Well, we have several rates. What exactly are you looking for?

I have no idea. My doctor just told me I need to start exercising. So here I am.

Joe Gym Owner:
No problem. You can take a look at this rate sheet here, as you can see we have several plans.

Okay well thank you very much. Do you mind if I take a look around?

Joe Jim owner:
No problem, help yourself.

Now I’m no rocket scientist but I’m pretty sure that John won’t be signing up at “Joe’s Gym.”

All John is thinking is:

You want me to pay you money to make me sweat? You must be joking!

I want to give you 3 keys to increase fitness sales. Each one of these keys depends on the next, if you take one of them away, the system won’t work. One of the best things about training someone to do fitness sales is that they’re learning curve is very small, and with proper training anybody can sell more fitness memberships. So let’s get right into.

Step 1 – Become a Puppy
If you’ve ever owned a dog then you know how excited they can be when you get home. Their little tail is wagging and they have a big smile on their face, they couldn’t be happier to see. After a long hard day of work, nothing can feel better than coming into an environment where you feel welcome and appreciated. Based on our conversation above, Joe missed this first step by a mile and Fitness Sales is made a lot harder. Matter of fact, Joe never even asked John what his name was. So the goal of this first step is to make the person feel safe and comfortable. The two things I would recommend you not doing in this first step is licking their face or chewing on their shoes, it’s too early for the shenanigans.

Step 2 – Get a Fingerprint
This is one of the most overlooked steps in the Fitness Sales process and yet the most important. I can’t tell you how many health clubs I’ve taken tours in across the country as an undercover customer. I love going in and seeing what it feels like from the customer’s point of view. I think sometimes when it comes to Fitness Sales, we forget how scary it can be to walk into an environment like a gym. The first thing that Joe should have done, after greeting John, was to get him to sign in on the guest registry and then get him to fill out a guest profile. This does two things: It allows Joe to collect important information about the customer to help sell a gym membership today or possibly down the road sometime & it makes the customer invest a little bit of their valuable time and gain the information they desire. I’ve consulted with hundreds of club owners on Fitness Sales, and them and the owners that are not doing this, will justify it by saying something to the effect of, “no one wants to give you all that information” or “that’s just a waste of time.” To those health club owners, I gently say, “are you kidding me?” If you walk into any of the top health clubs in the nation you will see this is a crucial part of the sales process. So the goal of step two is to get the customers “unique fingerprint,” or name, address, phone number and fitness/ health goals in their history. Fitness Sales can not be done correctly without a fitness profile, trust me.

Step 3 – Benefits VS Features
When Joe asked John what he was looking for John’s response was, “I don’t know.” Most of the people that walk into health clubs understand benefits and not features. Let me give you an example. When someone asked Joe what his gym offers and Joe were to respond with something like, “We have cardio, free weights, and circuit training.” You will find that someone that does not live a healthy lifestyle and has never worked out before, this is just a bunch of noise. You’re a gym, you should have those things. If I walked into a hotel and asked them what they offered, they wouldn’t tell me they have beds, TVs and towels. It’s a hotel, it’s expected that they have these things. The smart play is to sell benefits, not features. Let me give you an example: Instead of saying, “We have cardio,” say something like, “The cardio area we have will help you burn fat, lower your blood pressure, reduce stress, etc.” Fitness Sales, works best sharing benefits, not features.

Fitness sales is not rocket science. It’s simple the act of attracting, retaining and delivering the services your health club offers.

Our fitness marketing kit comes with a step by step training system that will increase your closing percentages and give you new and creative ways to attract new members, retain current members, and deliver the results that people in your fitness center are looking for. I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope God continues to bless your business.

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