Front Desk Fails

Ok, I ran across this video when I was surfing the web and started laughing hysterically. Check this out before I even go further:

Now seriously, tell me that isn’t the funniest thing you have seen in a while? What I find even more amusing is that you and I both know of someone or have personally seen stuff like this happen. Shoot…maybe its even happened to you?? :-)

Anyway, I know those are some epic treadmill failures, but what I wanted to talk about is some epic front desk failures. Have you walked into a gym or a doctors office or a hair salon (you get my drift) and not been greeted with a hello and a smile from the front desk staff?

Or how about those times when you walk in and the person is too busy talking on the phone to even acknowledge you’re there?

Or the employees are too busy chatting amongst themselves?

Or it’s just super dirty with left over food bags, empty bottles and trash all over the place?

Now those examples are a just a few of the major front desk failures. How does your staff measure up in those areas?

  • Do they greet your customers with a friendly hello and smile on their face?
  • Do they make sure to not be talking on the phone excessively while “on the clock?”
  • Do they make sure that when the club is busy that they are spending more time making sure your customers have what they need, instead of gossiping with their co-workers?
  • And last, but certainly, not least…do they pick up after themselves and make sure your business is presented in a way that attracts MORE clients, not less?

If your front desk staff is failing in any of these areas (and I’ve just named a few), then you could possibly really benefit from one of our many consulting packages. We are the experts in training your front staff and getting your club in the best “shape”  possible so others are drawn to your fitness business and what you have to offer.

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