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If I told you that Fitness360 can help your gym I would be telling you the truth. But when it comes to marketing fitness centers & gyms the proof is in pudding. They say,”A picture is worth a 1000 words.” I say a phone call could be worth $1,000’s.

Fitness Sales systems by Fitness360 brings the thunder!

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Joshua Fleming
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Joshua Fleming

Coaching Gym Owners at www.HelpMeGetMembers.com
He is a Dad of 3, Marine & Serial Entrepreneur. He has 25+ years of extensive experience in the industry.

He's spearheaded the opening of 100+ gyms and is responsible for selling over 100,000 gym memberships and collecting over 300,000 buddy referrals in his career.

Learn more @ www.JoshuaTFleming.com
Joshua Fleming
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  • Is lifting weights a good way to lose some weight?

    • fitness360


      But its just one piece of the puzzle.

      The more muscle fibers you have the more calories you will burn naturally..

      The more calories you burn the more weight you lose.

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