Gym Owners and Fitness Marketing

In this age where everything is digital and word gets around as fast as a mouse click, business owners, especially in the fitness business, could learn a thing or two on how to do their fitness marketing and their gym promotions. What essentially do you need – increase in membership and customer loyalty? Increase in exposure?  Do more fitness marketing? We’ve discussed before how fitness marketing is quite helpful to your fitness business and we couldn’t stress it enough that growth in your fitness center is quite a feat.

If you are the owner of a fitness club, or a gym, there are a lot of establishments who are also into the fitness business. Standing out among them is an achievement you know you can reach with the right strategy, mindset and fitness marketing program.

We know the story already. John uses this life savings to start up a fitness center on his own. He built a membership rate of 10% every day. He starts working more than 60 hours a week and his members started to lose interest because a fancier gym in the next street just opened.

John panics and desperately began to lower his gym membership prices, paid a fortune for advertising and after a year, John is suddenly out of business and he can’t even explain it himself. A lot of excuses are running through his head and when he asked others, they simply tell him, “Its recession,”, or “A lot are going for the quick fix gyms now.” John can only shake his head in disbelief.

Small or not, your gym can totally succeed when you simply use a fitness marketing approach that just works for you without breaking the bank. There are different types of customers in the market and hundreds of ways to entice people to keep coming to your fitness center instead of that fancier gym in the next block.

You need to be to the “go-to” gym to the locals. Break the competition. Get people to talk about you. Add services. Add excitement.

Running a local gym isn’t easy even if you know it can make you a very nice income if you are running a gym to its fullest capacity and not at least spend so much on fitness marketing or advertising. When you work with expert fitness marketing consultants and help you with ideas that you never even though about, you don’t really need to work so hard at all.

So what is holding you back from marketing your health club or fitness center?

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