Health Club Promotions

Health Club Promotion

How to Get the Benefits and Avoid the Expense of Health Club Promotions.

Too many times, clubs that wish to gain new members through health club promotions literally try to ‘re-invent the wheel’. Creating a successful promotion is a business art all of its own. The tools and knowledge to run successful health club promotions would take years to learn. The effort it takes to effectively coordinate the campaign and maintain the records of the new members generated is too much for many busy club owners and managers to handle so they turn to professional companies to manage their health club promotions. This can prove a costly and frustrating enterprise as many unscrupulous companies promise unrealistic results and charge large upfront fees.

Not all health club promotions are handled so poorly however. You can find a marketing company that will promise reasonable return and achievable financial results. Pie in the Sky promotions that sound ‘too good to be true’ usually are. You want to work with a health club promotions company that can not only provide reasonable results, but will work on a commission basis – not charging you any upfront fees. When you are looking for a health club promotions company you now know not to pay upfront fees or believe outrageous ‘results’ claims – but what else should you be looking for?

Experience counts in health club promotions. A company that has a good deal of experience in bringing in new members is great, but not if they do not have the experienced sales staff to convert those enquiries into memberships. The company that runs your health club promotions should be skilled at both marketing and sales. Not only do you want the promotion to raise your club in public awareness, but you want to end the promotion with higher membership roles. In the end run, the goal of all health club promotions in increased membership.

The benefits of well run health club promotions include raised profile in your community and increased memberships. There is no reason for you to spend a fortune to achieve these benefits. With the right marketing company managing your health club promotions you will pay nothing out of the gate, but rather share a portion of the profits from the number of memberships sold. In addition, the marketing company will handle the entire promotion from beginning to end, hiring staff, managing advertising and selling to prospective members. Well run health club promotions are key to your businesses long-term effectiveness.

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