How to make money with Cardboard Lead Boxes Program-Part 2 of 2


We never cease trying to find brand-new faculty, devices and programs to help YOU, the “Owners,” put more capital in your pocket, work less time and provide to your members an great experience while in your club. When we say we ARE the best in the business its not just epilogue. It’s a fact! We have demonstrated our approach time and time again.

The main differences between F360 and other “marketing/promotions” companies is the team of professional staff, affiliates, suppliers and consultants that drive our concept.

Why use lead boxes?

Minimize Advertising Waste!

Radio, Television , and Print adverts can be very costly. Also, once the ad has appeared,it is gone. When you run an expensive ad, it will reach a wide array of people. You then depend on the customer to stroll into your business. Each day that passes, the more probable the shopper can’t remember about your serviceand will not reach you. A lead box stays in place and can continue to generate leads for several months.

A lead box in a well placed location can generate 5-20 leads a week. If you get twenty p.c. of the leads to visit your business and you close twenty percent This will give you roughly 1-3 new customers/clients a month. If you place 10 boxes, you now can generate 10-30 customers/clients a month. At a country spa, if your average member generates $37.50 a month. 10-30 new members would generate $375-$1125 per month or $4500-$13500 a year. As you expanded your marketing to 20 lead boxes, you could double these numbers. By making an investment in twenty-four boxes + twenty-four pens + 48 registration pads including shipping = $418. The initial start up cost is under $500. You can simply earn this investment back in as little as a fortnight. Now it is straightforward to see the price advantages of using lead boxes as a marketing tool!

An interesting box and design is significant. However, an enticing offer is even more significant. 2-week to one year free memberships for health clubs tends to work best. For chiropractors, a free massage or treatment can work better than offering a simple consultation. Working with chains like Subway will permit access toward many health aware leads. In a number of cases, offering a chit for entering their name can raise your leads dramatically.

Take the time to sit down and find out what the possible client is interested in realizing. You’re looking at a potential long term customer so show them you are interested in helping them achieve their goals or alleviating their discomforts. Make a powerful first impression without putting undue pressure to purchase your services the same day. Having a post time for them to cancel their call to join or accept services within a 2-4 weeks period shows that you are reputable and honest. Follow up extraordinarily quickly with the possible customer as the window for signing them up is between 1-2 weeks after the opening meeting.

With this program you can increase your sales by $1,500-$3,500 PER week!

The single best way to generate interest in your facility. Place LEAD BOXES in local businesses with high traffic and watch the leads come in! Patrons read your information from the LEAD BOX header (see LEAD BOX HEADER page for details), fill out the simple form, and drop it in the box. On a regular basis, your sales staff collects the leads, and places follow up calls.

Cardboard Leadboxes:
25 for $225
50 for $325
100 for $499
Note: Available in black. Price includes headers and 1,000 lead slips.

Because of the relationships Fitness360 have developed in the Fitness industry your club may qualify to receive this service as well as other valuable services and products FREE. That’s right! You may not have to pay one dime and we do all the work for you. See if your club may qualify by filling out our Club Profile Form TODAY!

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Joshua Fleming

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He is a Dad of 3, Marine & Serial Entrepreneur. He has 25+ years of extensive experience in the industry.

He's spearheaded the opening of 100+ gyms and is responsible for selling over 100,000 gym memberships and collecting over 300,000 buddy referrals in his career.

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Joshua Fleming
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