It’s A Girl! & How Does That Ties Into Fitness Marketing?

mike-tysonWow! It’s been over a month since my last post & I wanted to apologize for that. I have been having a baby and working on some fitness marketing secret weapons that will be released in the coming months. But that is still no excuse.

I Need To Be BEAT Silly !

I’ve had a lot of other personal issues going on I want to let you know about, but now I have a new assistant helping me out & I’m going to start delivering some real powerful stuff that is going to give every health club owner out there an unfair advantage in the upcoming months.

So … My wife Deanaa gave birth to a beautiful 8 lb, 20″ little girl on September 9th, her name is Jasmyne Delia. While on the way to the hospital, I must have gotten 5-6 texts from friends & family members asking if my wife had went into labor yet.


While at the hospital during my wife’s 9-hour labor, her & I roughly got around 37 texts from friends & family members wanting updates on what was happening. That kind of blew my mind & got me thinking…( I know scary right?)

While at the hospital we received 5 phone calls & like I said roughly 37 texts. That is about a 6 to 1 ratio. That showed me that in the day & age we are living in the text message is a more powerful update tool than a phone call. I guess I shouldn’t have been shocked by that…I mean look what has happened with Twitter. Twitter has 75 million plus people shooting out 140 character or less updates 24-7. Many Fitness Business market their gym using twitter now.

So what’s all this have to do with fitness sales & fitness marketing? Well, as you know I have developed an extensive list of influential friends & professionals in not only the fitness industry, but other industries like home construction, internet marketing, venture capitalists & others. A new friend & partner introduced me to an amazing new tool that most of you guys have never heard of. This company specializes in mobile marketing.


So what is Mobile Marketing?

You know when your watching American Idol or Survivor or some other T.V. show & they ask you to “Text- Survivor to 55555” this company developed the web based platform that provides that service. So I made it a point to do some research & make contact with the head cheese (so to speak) so I could provide some great, FREE information to all you health club owners & personal trainers looking for new creative ways to communicate to your clients, capture lead information & create a “cult like” following.

I got on the phone with Brian, with Cellit & recorded a 45-minute conversation & asked him some tough questions about his product & how it could help health club owners internationally achieve fitness business success.

Here are just a few of their clients YMCA, Taco Bell, KFC, ICEA, Chicago Tribune, Subway and MANY more . The conversation was packed FULL of great information for fitness business owners & I want to give it to you FREE for being a faithful subscriber to our “Sales Sniper Newsletter”.


If your NOT a subscriber to our FREE Sales Sniper Newsletter then to bad.

If you want to join then I have good news…… you can for a limited time. We could charge $59 per month for all the Fitness Sales Tools and pro advise that you will be getting, but for a limited time it’s FREE.

To Subscribe To Our Newsletter and To Get This Audio File Click Here.

I also wanted to let you know that we are in development right now in many new products that we are going to be rolling out in 2011. I mentioned a few of these products in previous posts & me & my team is working hard to make sure we deliver the best quality products in the quickest amount of time. I have been talking with many of ya’ll & reading your emails & understand how stressful it is right now due to the economy & changing market conditions…

imagesI want to give you a word of advice; there is no need to stress about tomorrow because today has enough worries of its own. No matter what you do, do not stop striving for success. Don’t give up & stay positive! There is a new year right around the corner & as we start this new month I want to encourage all of ya’ll to keep up the good job. We are in an industry where negativity makes it impossible for us to prosper & paralyzes our ability to learn & grow.

If you are not a member of our Sales Sniper Newsletter make sure you enroll today. It’s FREE & Packed FULL of Great Information for Fitness Business Owners.

Please let me know if you enjoyed this conversation with Brian & if you have some ideas of other interviews you would like me to conduct, please leave them in the contact field. I have to say good-bye for now, I have a crying baby I have to attend to. So we will talk to you soon.

Be blessed & Be Positive!
P.S. If you want to get FREE Demo of the Cellit Platform you can’t unless you Text -” Fitness360 to 30364Right Now. That text will go straight to the top of Cellit and a cool dude name Jarret will be calling you to give you a VIP Tour of the platform. Don’t be the only guy or gal in town not be in the know.

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