I Need Your HELP!!!


It’s finally here!

Here is your Chance to do something great and noble. That is if you ARE great and noble……..

PLeazzzz..zzzz..zzzz go to twitter and retweet the following:

I vote for @fit360 to win a free animated video from @switchmarketing http://ow.ly/1ebWz

If you do vote for me, I am positive that all your dreams will come true…. ok maybe not all of the them but it is proven that if you help others achieve their dream you will be given the tools and relationship you need to achieve your.

Ok Friends… I need to ask a HUGE favor… I am trying to win this contest for a free video….If I when my company will receive a $8,000 video for FREE.. will you PLEAZZZzz help me win?……. This is all you have to do to help….. If you have a Twitter then just retweet the following : I vote for @fit360 to win a free animated video from @switchmarketing http://ow.ly/1ebWz …THATS IT! Thank you SO much!


It’s very simple and should only take you 0:00:47 seconds. If you dont have a twitter then now would be a great time to get one to help ol Joshy poo out. THank you SOO much for your help…. In return I will give and anyone who votes for me 1 hour of FREE phone consultion. Not to ring my own bell but if your a business owner then I can help you in … See Morea number of ways. Websites, marketing, branding, direct mail, SEO, etc. If you dont need my services then I hope a real BIG THANK YOU would do..

Thank you in advance for helping brother out.

Be Blessed!


Joshua Fleming
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Joshua Fleming

Coaching Gym Owners at www.HelpMeGetMembers.com
He is a Dad of 3, Marine & Serial Entrepreneur. He has 25+ years of extensive experience in the industry.

He's spearheaded the opening of 100+ gyms and is responsible for selling over 100,000 gym memberships and collecting over 300,000 buddy referrals in his career.

Learn more @ www.JoshuaTFleming.com
Joshua Fleming
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