Is Your Fitness Business Ready for Social Media Marketing?

When you are running a fitness business, it will be all about how to market your skills to your clients, help them achieve their personal goals and promote your fitness business at the same time. If you have tried marketing offline, the online marketing world is going to be a different culture altogether especially when you want to tap the users that are currently engaging into social media.

Social media marketing involves a lot of platforms, confidence in your fitness business products and a huge chunk of your time.

To know if your fitness business is ready for social media, try to gauge several factors. Do not jump into social media right away (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) unless you have a plan and the committed resources to “do it right.”

Have a plan and practice your plan. Be prepared to execute because things happen so fast. Is your target enough to warrant a large community to market to? Have you positioned your unique selling points and your fitness products already to combat competition? If you say yes to the following below, then you are all set!

□ Can you already define what your company is?
□ Can you identify the products or services that your fitness business offer?
□ Can you identify who you are going to be selling these fitness products and services to?
□ Can you identify if your fitness business company’s profile will be a category leader, follower, challenger or a niche player?
□ Can you enumerate already the unique characteristics of your products or services that sets you apart from the competition?
□ Can you identify whether your pricing will be above, below, or at parity with your competitors and establish whether you will lead, follow, or ignore changes in competitors’ pricing?

Before you jump into the water, make sure you also break down the rules for engagement. Do you know how to handle and start conversations within your community? Are you ready to handle negative comments? Being social savvy also helps and you don’t even need to see your social media network face to face!

From the points mentioned above, do you think you can handle the culture that is the social media network?

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