Making cash with Lead Boxes-Part 1 of 2

lead box winningWhat does your gym need? More members? Better retention? An edge on your competition? An increase in profits?

All of the above is likely the case. The bottom line is that you need a steady flow of prospects coming through the doors of your club in order to be successful. The of Fitness360 is to assist your fitness business become and remain profitable through our portfolio of health club marketing products and services. We know that as a gym owner or manager, you have more than enough to do. Our products and services have been created to help bring new prospects to your facility, allowing you to focus your efforts on running a better club.

F360’s sales team will work with your current staff to instruct them on the proper way to tour and assess a prospective member. These approach will enable your staff to effectively close more sales in years to come.Our staff will also provide great advice and explore strategies that can provide your health club with additional sources of income over the long term.

F360’s team of former health club owners and managers understand the fitness industry.

Why use lead boxes?

With this program you can increase your sales by $1,500-$3,500 PER week!

There are several companies that may generate more clients by making the primary contact. Why use lead boxes? Businesses like Health Clubs, Chiropractors, Cellular telephone services, home based cosmetics distributors, Martial humanities Studios, door and window installers, carpet cleaners, and so on. Many clients and customers these companies are sometimes considering your service, but have not made the time to stop by or did not know you were expediently found. These consumers are frequently inquisitive about your service and in several cases ; an easy call from you may just be what’s needed to line up an appointment with the new customer. It is crucial to have a well tended and well loaded lead box. It will be a good illustration of your business, as well as for the business it is placed in. It also will be more fascinating to the potential customer. In order to reach this, the salesman will have to maintain the route on consistently. We promote a route that takes one to two hours to service and should be serviced one or more times per week. A route should have between 10-20 locations this suggests the salesman has about five minutes to service each box. He must have some additional pens and registration pads with him. If the executive isn’t busy, he should say hello and make some little talk. The better the rapport made with the executive as well as staff, the better the box will fare at the site. Again, it’s important to adhere to a timeline; this isn’t a socialization time. Some nice words and a “Have a nice day” in several cases is acceptable enough.

As a business owner or manager,time management of staff is critical in inflating productivity.

This is step 1 and most laborious as well as one of the most important aspects to making lead boxes work. The strongest factor in determining whether a potential customer will use your service is convenience. Boxes should be placed in a 10-15 minute driving radius from your club. Try places like vitamin and health food stores like GNC’s and whole foods. Juice bars, sandwich shops, coffee shops, such as Starbucks, sporting good stores, dry cleaners, record stores, small markets. Our minimum order is 12 boxes. When using the lead box promoting system, quantity is of major significance. Our objective when selling our boxes to first time customers is to make a new long term purchaser and create a strong rapport. In order to start a good lead box selling program, it’s important that your time invested give you a good return.

To make your program successful, you should place a minimum of 8-15 boxes and expand from this starting point.Frequency should be your goal when creating your marketing strategy.Guerilla marketing strategies are terribly effective and lead box promoting is typically the most effective and easiest program to effect. Your campaigns should try to hit your core market ( those that live or work inside fifteen mins from your location ) as many times as possible. Select locations to set your lead boxes within a fifteen minute radius from your location. A central position to a potential client’s home or work is the strongest factor for joining. Don’t restrict your possibilities on lead box placement primarily based on the store. Remember, the main determining factor is central position close to your website. You can always remove the box if it does not supply enough quality leads.

Stay tuned for Part 2. With this program you can increase your sales by $1,500-$3,500 PER week!

Place LEAD BOXES in local businesses with high traffic and watch the leads come !.

12 $24.95
24 $23.95
48 $22.95
100 $19.95
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I candidly request you to contact me by phone, Internet . . You can also view all of our Marketing and Promotion options to learn more about what we do and how we do it. Our Marketing and Promotion campaigns are designed specifically for the individual business dynamics in order to maximize the results.

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