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How To Motivate Gym Members To Buy From YOUR Pro Shop Each Week

Ever wonder how it’s possible that some gyms earn 26.2% more revenue from their current member base from Pro Shop sales?

What do you your members NEED & WANT to buy right now?

How do you get them to pull out their credit cards to buy something this week or even today from your Pro Shop?

Well in this post I’m going to shed some light on these topics and pull back the curtain on “How To Motivate YOUR Members To Buy From Your Pro Shop.”

Boost Your Pro Shop Sales & Keep More of Your Money By Becoming a One-Stop-Shop!

If you’re allowing your members to spend their hard earned money on health, fitness and weight loss products outside your club you’re missing out!

Now let me explain.

Your gym members, personal training or boot camp clients trust you to some point.

That’s why they became a customer, right?

So why would you EVER let that trust go to waste?

Example: Let’s say you run a gym and one of your new members heads over to Target to buy the following items so they can have a good, productive workout at your club.

~ Water bottle
~ Gloves
~ Heart rate monitor
~ Shoes
~ Matching training outfit
~ Healthy snacks

Allow me to ask you something.


1,3, ALL?

Next thing to realize is that most of these items could be branded with your logo, colors and brand.

What a loss!

How To Make Your Gym Members & Personal Training Clients Think of You As The “Home Depot of Fitness & Wellness”

So you may be wondering what you should be selling in your pro shop. The best place to start is to ask yourself, “What are other clubs selling in their pro shops?” According to Club Industry Magazine’s 1999 Survey of Buying Power, here is what club operators said they were stocking:

Apparel with Logo: 70%
Bottled Water: 65%
Soft/Sports Drinks: 65%
Health Foods/Snacks: 55%
Supplements/Vitamins: 38%
Other Apparel: 28%
Gym Bags: 27%
Exercise/Fitness Equipment: 22%
Books/Video: 19%
Sports Shoes: 16%
Other: 4%

Now that you know what to sale, let’s get your members to buy from your Pro Shop instead of the “other guys.” There are 2 places that you can sell your pro shop products. From your website & from your on-site pro shop. Both have advantages and BOTH are needed to be successful.

I’m not going to cover how to sale from these 2 platforms in this post, but you need to be using both, just so you know.

Here are KEY areas you should be focusing on.


Location & Flow
Having your pro shop in front of your members eyes and at the forefront of their mind is very important.

Making sure they can touch the products that you want them to buy will increase the chances that they will buy.

That said, you will also need better customer service than the other guys.

Using your members first name and reminding them of how your products can help them get the results they want faster, safer, etc. will make you and the products look better than if they are looking at them in some dead retail spot.

Think “high touch & focused solutions.”


Understand Your Members
A very important key to increasing pro shop sales is understanding your members.

Obviously you can’t motivate them to buy something if you don’t know their needs and wants.

Start by identifying your customers by age, gender, race, income levels, and marital and parental status.

From that starting point, you can add products to your pro shop that apply to them instead of what you “hope” will sale.

Also, don’t forget about your members extended families…such as husbands, wives, children, and even the family cat or dog. By offering products that they can buy for their family members they are more likely to buy because they can justify the purchase and feel good about it.


Consider Win-Win Pricing Strategies
A majority of people are motivated to buy products based on the price of the product, whether it be high price points or low price points.

There are some members that only look for bargains and low prices and will actually sacrifice on the quality of the product just to save a buck or two. That’s why we suggest have a discount or sale section within your pro shop.

Other members are willing to pay higher prices, believing it gets them a better product. So it would be a good idea to have a section for premium priced products for those that will gravitate towards higher priced items.

Scope out how your competitors are pricing their products and consider selling yours either for less money and more sales volume or at a higher price and less sales volume.

We also recommend offering two different versions of your product at different price points so you can capture both segments of the market.

Example: Let’s say you are offering Vibram’s in your Pro Shop. You can offer a basic pair of Vibram’s such as the, El-X selling online for around $57 & you can also offer a higher priced pair, such as the, KMD Sport selling online for about $110. By doing this you will reach both sides of the market.


Sell the Sizzle… NOT the Product
Where a majority of gym owners & personal trainers are making mistakes in the sales process is talking about your gym, boot camp, Increase Pro Shop sales by selling t-shirtspersonal training services, product features or your latest promotion as the main message of your advertising.

What you should be doing is talking about the customers’ wants and needs first, while at the same time promoting the benefits of your product(s).

Once you have captured your potential customers’ interest this is the time to give more information on the product, such as features, price, awards or promotions.


Create a Wellness Brand
When you think of Home Depot you think of a home improvement store, right? If you want to be profitable in the fitness industry you need to begin to shift your thinking from being a gym to a wellness center. Studies show the #1 desire for people using fitness centers is for them to be healthy. In that category you have weight loss, strength, longevity,etc. In short, people are buying your products and services because they want to be “well.”

In other words, your fitness business is a “body improvement” business, just like Home Depot is a” home improvement” business. Could you imagine home depot only selling nails and carpet? No, of course not!  They sale everything a person needs to improve their home. Matter of fact, you can build a home from top to body only buying products found at a home depot. The same needs to be true for your “body improvement” center.

You will need to position your product in the marketplace in such a way that it motivates members to want, need and desire your product.

But at the same time you have to stop trying to be everything to everyone. You want to decide which group of people you target and make them feel very special. Just focusing on how to sell gym memberships it’s smarter to focus on providing my customer lifetime value.

How do you do this, you may be asking. For starters, position your product as one made especially for women or men, mature adults or young people, families on a budget or status-conscious adults.

The more  niche your product can be, the more brand loyalty you can build.

By doing this you may decrease your potential customer base, but you will increase sales by getting more customers in your targeted niche to actually buy the product and potentially become long-term members.


Promote Like a Silver Back Gorilla

Gorialla marketing to increase pro shop sales

Have you ever watched National Geographic and seen what gorillas and monkeys do while trying to intimate a competitor or rival?

They shake trees, make noise, throw stuff and just go complete buck ass wild.

It doesn’t cost you any more marketing dollars to shake the tress and make some noise, does it?

So when promoting your pro shop think along these lines. Try to make as much noise along your social media platform as possible about your brands, services and products.

As you know there are hundreds of ways to spike curiosity in your pro shops. You can do anything from one-day sales events, special member discounts, to seasonal equipment blowouts.

Here is an example: At Foxy’s in Baton Rouge, they have an occasional “Ball Day” where all tennis balls and racquetballs are steeply discounted. On the first Monday of every month they have “Manic Monday”, which offers their customers a shopping discount. They also offer special member days for their Gold Level members, which allows those people to feel special & receive a discount.

But in the end the true key to running a successful pro shop profit center is great customer service. The more your staff can get to know your members wants & needs, the more sales you will have & the longer you will keep your members business. Make it all about the client & they will trust you enough to part with their hard earned cash. That’s how you create a pro shop that’s win win for you and your members.

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