Online Gym Marketing in 2014

Starting your own fitness business can be difficult. There are many major-chain gyms out there that make it tough for smaller companies to break through and make a name for themselves. The Internet has helped in recent years with the opportunity for businesses to easily interact with their customers and show a level of interest with the general public. A gym can use the Internet in their favor to assure that they are gaining new customers, while still continuing to please their existing clients. Here is a look at seven tips for online gym marketing.

Be Everywhere Online

If your business has a Facebook page that you randomly check on occasion, this is not enough of an online presence. If you want to be taken serious as a gym, and be able to reach as many customers as you possibly can, you need to be everywhere online. This means not just Facebook, but a handful of social media sites like Twitter and LinkedIn. Even sites like YouTube or Instagram for photos and videos will add a presence that other gyms may not have. More than just social media, your online fitness marketing needs to include a legitimate website. When a customer searches for a gym in your area, they will want to see a gym with a website design with information pertaining to your gym, not just a social media site. The more places you are online, the more a presence you will have and the more opportunities you’ll have to reach out to potential customers. Our customers love some of the Social Media Packages that we offer, you might be interested in those services as well.

Put Customers First

Customer service has always been important, but a lot of the time you could get away with ignoring a customer after they left your gym. However, now your client may go home, post their diet, gym routine, and even before and after result photos on their own social media page. As a gym, it is very important to keep up with your customers and show attention to them on their pages. Not only will your clients see that you care about them, but your online fitness marketing can show their friends that you are an interested gym who cares about the wellbeing of your clientele.

Downloadable Trials

Every good gym is going to allow people to come and workout at their facility before they require them to sign up. In order to avoid any nervousness that a potential client may have with coming in and talking to someone, your gym marketing can include the option to easily offer online downloadable passes that can be redeemed by the potential customer. This is very easy for the customer to find and will generate the urge to come and check out your gym. Once they are in the door, then it is up to you to sell them and make sure that they sign up.

Offer Incentives

More than just a weeklong pass, you can use the Internet to generate urgency by your clients. For your customers, tell them that if they share your gyms information that they will be rewarded with something. And for new clients, you can tell them that they will save money by ‘liking’ or ‘following’ your page without even signing up. Having these people interact with you online will open many opportunities for future occasions, which may be more important than a hard sell the second they walk in your door.


Having contests not only generates competition between people, but it also pushes people to reach their goals. Many gyms will have a “Biggest Loser” type competition where people will attempt to lose weight and get in better shape. As a gym, use these contests to promote your company. Upload pictures on your own page of progress results, and clients will likely ‘share’ them with your gym name as the link that people can click on to inquire more. Also, for winners of the contests, you can give them a bit extra in terms of rewards, as their friends will think, “Hey, I want to do that.”

Fitness Tips

In order to get followed by those who don’t even attend your gym, use fitness tips as status updates or information that you occasionally send out to your followers. If your message is valuable, followers will quickly share your content and this can result in getting even more followers of your own. People will recognize this and come to your social media specifically, which you can then direct them to your gym website design which will show them even more valuable information.

Local Businesses

Everyone loves local business. This is the reason that small gyms have a chance against some of the bigger chains out there. But because people want to work with smaller companies, they will turn to you over other gyms. You can use this to your advantage and work with other small businesses in your area to help promote everyone involved.

Like any other business, the gym industry is a tough one. That said, it is possible to set yourself apart from others. Use the tips on this list for your own online fitness marketing and your customers will know you are different than other gyms.

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