Passive vs. Active Fitness Marketing

Passive vs. Active Fitness Marketing

Are you doing active or passive fitness marketing?

This blog is dedicated to helping out gym owners or fitness center owners on how to promote and market their gyms or health clubs and based on all the topics we have discussed so far on fitness marketing, we have narrowed it down to two types – passive fitness marketing and active fitness marketing.

You know you need an active state of fitness marketing when –

  1. The services you offer is a “want” not a “need”.
  2. You have a very long sales cycle. Now that customers these days want to educate themselves at their own pace, you also have to do a fair amount of educating your customers before they sign anything. Unless if you have unique solutions and demonstrate why they should hire/buy from you, then they wouldn’t be thinking of going to your competitor.
  3. People don’t know your fitness center or fitness products don’t exist.

You know you will be okay with a passive state of fitness marketing when –

  1. The services you offer is already a “need”.
  2. Your services and fitness products do not require so much of a demonstration. Customers can pretty much use and educate themselves with it right away.
  3. Your fitness center, gym or health club has established itself already as the go-to fitness center in your local area.

Fitness business owners might not realize this but although it may be realistic to expect customers to just search for your product, land on your site and instantly call them, it does not always happen in large numbers. This is passive marketing.

Build an infrastructure and wait for customers to buy from you.  Your infrastructure should involve marketing online in social networks, in the same fitness business community or offline in magazines and print ads. And then you wait.

Active marketing on the other hand requires a huge amount of effort. You network with other businesses. You make cold calls. You need skill, persistence and patience. Active marketing is deliberate and purposeful.

Now tell me, are you doing active fitness marketing or passive fitness marketing?


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