The 4 steps to have happy members using smart Health Club Marketing.

Health Club Marketing MistakesThe members of a health club either make you the club a success or they can bring complete failure. It’s up to the club owner to decide which way it will go. Fitness360 realizes what owners go though on a daily basis. Bills, equipment, computers, employees, programs, advertising, etc. It’s never ending and it can get very crazy at times! But that doesn’t give anyone the right to slap the “gift horse” in the mouth. Experts know “word of mouth advertising” is the best marketing one can receive. Fitness360 realized this long ago, so after years of testing, finally we have the tool for the job. The Fitness360 “Membership Rewards Program” is finally here and it will birth “word of mouth marketing” for health clubs that will thrust a clubs’ profits through the roof.

Health Club Marketing starts with the members. I can tell you just what type of a club your running by simply asking a few questions of a sales person from GNC or a health food store in your area. Health Club owners forget sometimes that the customer is always right, even if their wrong. I have consulted with many club owners that actually believe they are doing the members a favor by “allowing” them to train at their club. This is unbelievable!

Owners, if you want to be successful, day after day, year after year…. WISE UP!

Ok, so how do you start to own your club and stop being owned by it?

Fitness360 has a 4 step method in taking health clubs
from second class to the TOP OF THE CLASS.

Understand you don’t know everything. Without getting this point your “helpless.” Health Club Marketing by Fitness360 is not a miracle solution for a failing club with an untrainable club owner. It’s a system that will save a health club from failing, like it has so many other times in the past, but can only do so if the owner is willing to learn.

Know that most people find change VERY difficult. The only way your going to become the best health club owner in town is to change. Bottom line! The reason health clubs fail is mainly do to the fact that the owner will not change their procedures, practices, mindsets, etc. This is a big sticking point for most owners.

Believe in yourself and in your business again. Can you remember the day you decided to open your club and how it felt like a new chapter in you life. If you can get back to that “on fire” mindset, your success is guaranteed. Without getting a fresh heart, your doomed.

Invest into your members and they WILL invest into “their” health club. It’s the law of “cause and effect” working to bring in paying prospects, create raving members and establish your brand. Now at this point I would remind you of STEP 1 if your doubting the power of a Membership Rewards Program.

Our customer reward packages are proven business builders.

fcs_161 Commercial quality
fcs_161 Great printing
fcs_161 Affordable
fcs_161 A package for every price point!

With our Customer Rewards Packages Members:

fcs_161 Feel like a part of your team
fcs_161 Advertise for you
fcs_161 Have tangible gifts to take home after joining

Packages start at just $12.95 each!
*Select from a wide variety of colors and styles
*Coordinate your package to match your business colors

And the best thing is:


Reward your customers and advertise at the same time!

NOW your ready to implement our “Membership Rewards Program.” GO check it out for yourself.

Fitness360 has a proven track record of turning failing health clubs around.
The biggest frustrations shared by independent club owners is they don’t have anyone to talk to about how to grow their business.

~How much should I be spending on marketing?
~What programming works and what kind doesn’t?
~How much should I be making per member, per visit in personal training dollars, retail products, tanning, etc?

These are all common questions that affect your business and Fitness360 can HELP you find the answers.

Our speciality is in designing and implementing health club marketing campaigns that increase your monthly EFT drafts, thereby dramatically raising cash flow to adequately cover expenses and provide for capital re-investment.

Is your health club lacking:
· New member sales?
· Leads?
· Personal training income?
· A professionally run and dynamic front desk?
· Membership retention?
· In-house profit centers?
· Retail revenue?
· Corporate wellness programs?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, maybe our On-Site Promotions or health club Consulting Services can help.

A typical promotion lasts 4-12 weeks, generating 300-1,000 new members. As a result of the Fitness360 promotion, your club’s monthly receivables will increase by $4,000-$15,000 per month–all with No Out of Pocket Expense for You!

The 4 steps to DOMINATE Health Club Marketing were covered…so get to work today!

I sincerely invite you to contact me by telephone, email, or simply by completing and submitting our online Club Profile Form. Your completed Club Profile Form will allow me to assess not only the needs of your business, but also the growth potential of your membership. Additionally, it will provide me with the necessary data to determine which of our Marketing and Promotion campaigns would provide the highest return on investment. You can also view all of our Marketing and Promotion options to learn more about what we do and how we do it. Our Marketing and Promotion campaigns are designed specifically for the individual business dynamics in order to maximize the results.

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