The 5 Stages of Health Club Management

The 5 Stages of Health Club Management

Health Club Management involves five stages. These stages are often referred to as the
“management cycle”. As a club manager you will perform all of the stages in the
sequence as described below in the diagram. In reality, they will not always be
performed in sequence, but rather independently according to circumstances – daily,
weekly, or monthly. Here are the five stages:

The 5 Stages of Health Club Management

1. Planning: Every manager needs a plan to keep his team moving forward in the
right direction. Planning includes scheduling employees, setting goals for the club
and the individual fitness consultants so long-term objectives can be met,
marketing strategies and advertising tactics which are well thought out during this
stage, and finally, budgeting the club’s economic resources.
2. Organizing: This process involves developing an organizational chart, creating
job descriptions, and delegating responsibility to the appropriate positions. During
this stage decisions are made as to what tasks must be done, and which positions
are responsible for them, so that the overall club objective defined in the planning
stage can be achieved.
3. Staffing: Once the organization is designed and the positions created, the third
stage takes effect. This is the recruitment stage. The process of finding,
interviewing, and filling those positions with the right people. Building the right
team can be the most important of the five stages.
4. Directing: After the plans have been outlined, the organization created, and the
positions filled, the club is ready to be put into high gear. This stage requires
managers to train employees to go about their duties through effective
communication, motivation, and leadership. This stage requires the greatest
interpersonal skills of them all.
5. Controlling: This is the final function that completes the management cycle. The
three major areas of concern in this stage are Club Operations, Club Personnel,
and Club Finances. Standards of performance are created in all three areas.
Managers inspect what they expect, paying close attention to the original goals
established in stage one. Employee evaluations, and other controls are established to
help monitor progress, so corrective actions can be taken when necessary to bring
performance back in line with original plans.

If your not focusing on the these 5 stages of Health Club Management then you need to starting today.

Enjoy your week fit pros!!

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