The Fortune is in the Follow Up – A Gym Marketing Follow Up System

One of the  major areas that gyms struggle with is inconsistant follow up systems for their prospects. This is probably the #1 reason for major revenue losses in the fitness industry. But, fortunately, it is also one of the easiest things you can fix at your gym and all it will cost you is a some time to implement.

As many of you already know, getting and following up with prospects is crucial to growing your membership base and increasing the income your gym makes each month. Consistant follow up can be broken down into a few categories, which we are about to discuss:

Phone Message Log

This is the foundation of a great prospecting system. Your phone message log contains 90% of the information that you need to follow up with your prospects correctly.

This log is the mouth, so to speak, to the follow up funnel and you it must be used for every single call that comes in and goes out of your gym. Here a couple rules that are good to follow:

  1. Make sure your front desk staff always answers the phone with a professional voice, full of enthusiasm. Tell them to smile! Even though the customer can’t see them, it changes the way they sound on the phone. After all, you can’t stay unenthusiastic with a big ol’ smile on your face.
  2. Be sure that you get a name and phone number for every single person that calls your gym. This is very simple…all you have to do is aks.
  3. Make sure you document how they heard about your gym – this is great for marketing tracking purposes. After all, you won’t know what’s brining clients to your club if you don’t ask.
  4. Make sure you have a reason to call the prospect back. For example: you can call them to set up a time to come check out your club or you can offer them a 2 week pass to come use your gym.

The Scheduling Book

This is a scheduling book that all of your staff will use, but one person will be in charge of it. Meaning, only one staff member will be responsible for making sure that all the appointments have been put into this scheduling book at the end of every business day.

Not only will this scheduling book be used as your daily scheduling guide, it will also be used to confirm and reschedule appointments.

Every week you should audit your scheduling book to make sure everyone from last week has been properly followed up with so that the stage is set for consistant follow up during the coming week.


This is probably the must crucial step in this whole process. I can not emphasize this enough! MAKE SURE EVERY APPOINTMENT YOU SET IS CONFIRMED!!! This should be taken so seriously that failure to complete this task should result in job loss. Why do I stress this? Because too often a potential client is lost simply because staff didn’t call to remind them when their appointment was.


This is almost as crucial as confirmations and need to be done every single day for the last 3 days. Example: if your staff members is rescheduling appointments on Monday, they should be calling every person that no showed, or were unable to make their appointment, for Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Once you have completed calling the last 3 days of reschedules, if you were unable to get a hold of someone to set a new appointment, those prospects should be placed in your Warm Lead List for future calls.

Warm Leads List

This is just a list of all the prospects that you weren’t able to confirm or reschedule for the last 2 weeks. This allows you to continue to contact prospects that truly showed interest in becoming a member of your gym. Remember, this list is used just for prospects that didn’t show up or that your staff couldn’t reschedule after 3 days. This list should also show where in your scheduling book that notes for the prospects are listed.

Guest Register

This is a very simple front desk procedure that helps track visits made to your gym. Every prospect that comes in your gym for their FIRST VISIT has to sign the guest register. This helps you track who came into your gym so you can compare it to your scheduling book every day. This will also make it easier to identify prospects that need to be put on the reschedule list.

Another good reason to use a guest register is to track the reason why each visit was made to your gym. This information helps you track how well your closing percentage is because it shows you who shows up and who actually becomes a member. It also will help show you which staff members are your top producers and who needs to improve so that you can get the most out of your sales efforts.

Trial Pass Log

This is a handy tool that is used to continually keep in touch with your prospects. You should only give out trial passes on a graduating basis. Meaning: You may start with a 3 day pass and then work up to either a 1 week or 2 week pass after their first visit. This will allow you the opportunity to have constant contact with your prospects. You should give every single prospect that doesn’t become a member after their first visit a trial pass. Once a prospect is given a trial pass, their information needs to go into the Trial Pass Log so that these prospects can be properly followed up with.

Missed Guests

This is a great list to have and work off of, especially in your “off seasons.” This is also the final step in the follow up procedures. This list will consist of every prospect that has either been put in the Trial Pass Log or the Missed Guest list for more than 2 weeks. It is highly encouraged that every month you contact everyone of your missed guests and invite them back to your gym. After all, you never know when the timing may be just right for them.

And that wraps up Mistake #2. Hope it was helpful information and that you will apply what you’ve learned. Stay tuned for Mistake #3…

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