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The Success Rate of Direct Mail Campaigns in Fitness Marketing

When fitness marketers wanted to ensure that consumers read their ads, they went to the most personal route – direct mail mail campaign fitness marketing

For a number of reasons, direct mail marketing happens to be appealing. Most businesses have tried to use it

The success rate of the direct mails in your fitness marketing campaigns is heavily dependent on its response rate. It might be a good idea to set an objective or two before creating or sending you direct mail. To flounder into an attempt to measure the success afterwards without any regard to details might spiral you in the wrong direction. How many responses do you expect and what will you do if this isn’t achieved?

Another determining factor when one wanted to check the success rate of direct mail is through one’s database. Your contacts, customers and prospects must be updated. Resources must be reputable and reliable and your list source must target your market. Develop a detailed profile of the target market such as age, socio demographics, life stage, location, industry sector, business size, and lifestyle, among others.

Now go beyond your profiling data. Think about your customers in the fitness business and potential prospects. What do you want – feel – think – at the moment? What do you want THEM to think, feel, and want to do as a result? Direct mails will not necessary require a response but simply a change of perception or better understanding of your service/product.

Your readers might take your message as is. They may walk away, flip something else or eventually open their mailbox. Because you decided to give them the mail directly right at home which clearly is different than just reading through newspaper ads or switching through television channels, your customer might be likely to read it.

Teresa Harris, a successful independent marketing consultant says that average response rates of 8.8% to consumer mailings and 8.4% to business-to-business campaigns. With this in mind, direct mailing can be an effective tool in your marketing arsenal – if you know how to manage it.

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