The Unique Nature & Responsibility of Health Club Management

To be an effective manager requires a foundation of basic study, that is built upon with practical experience. Without a firm understanding of health club management principles and practices, success as a health club manager can be very unyielding. It is true that sells in general is a very complicated communication system, influenced by many variables. People are very intricate, difficult to predict and control when compared to a machine. Because sales management can be so complex we have designed this operations manual with some exciting, practical techniques, principals, specific information, and standard forms that will support you and managing your staff, ultimately directing your fitness center to be more profitable.

The Unique Nature & Responsibility of a Health Club Manager

Health club management is difficult, demanding, and unique. Club managers exert tremendous effort in helping their facilities to become profitable. Part of the management process is planning (goal setting and scheduling), organizing (delegating), recruiting, directing (coaching), and controlling the work of others rather than to perform all the actual work yourself. A club manager or sales manager is not one who can do more work or better work than others, but rather one who can get others to do more work are better work than he can. Unlike top executives who sit behind a desk all day and make decisions, due to the uniqueness of this industry (and the size of the business), the club manager must get involved through personal production efforts. As soon as this concept is forgotten about in this business, that is when you’re out of business!

Your Performance as a Health Club Manager is Measured in Two Ways:

1) Personal Production – your ability to sell memberships cannot be duplicated
2) Club Production – you are accountable for the overall productivity and profitability of the club

When a health club manager gets on the front line with the rest of his staff it shows leadership and helps develop the skills of employees. They get to see their manager in action, doing all the things he preaches for them to do. They will respect you for it and likewise, try to do it as good or even better! As a matter of fact, whenever an employee rises above you in production, don’t take it personally, it simply means you’ve done your job well. A club manager can be only as effective as the people he surrounds himself with. Never hold back a subordinate because you fill your job is being threatened. This practice is delusive and dangerous, and will eventually lead you to suffocate yourself.

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