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Top 10 Fitness Marketing Facts

A successful wellness establishment starts with an engaged workforce and consistent participation especially when it comes to marketing their industry.  Fitness club owners sometime work long hours and never seem to see the results they wanted – to bring more people in. Nothing is as disappointing as feeling drained all day after feeling responsible for everything that happens in the fitness business.

There are ten facts to building a successful fitness marketing program that will encourage engagement among new members:Top 10 Fitness Marketing Facts | Joshua Flemming > Fitness 360

1.    The systems that are setup within the health club that bring in prospects rely on offline and online relationships.
2.    Educate yourself constantly. Get support from coaching programs, masterminds, seminars and mentoring classes. Guide yourself each and every day to marketing tasks that constantly evolves every minute. Avoid paralysis when you are already in analysis mode.
3.    Direct marketing and tear sheets are still key. This form of marketing never olds. Nothing like a classic and personal way to interact with your customers.
4.    Always watch out for the big levers in the fitness marketing industry. They create the vision, the strategies, and the logistics. Market!
5.    Your strength should help you position yourself against competition while your weakness should not be a barrier achieving that.

6.    Retain clients and customers. Add as much value to their lives as possible. It will come back to you tenfold. There is always a budget to market your business. Re-evaluate your marketing and analyze what is working and what is worth investing on. New options that deliver same results but cost less are welcome all the time.

7.    Make definitions. Define your fitness center. Position the club as a niche player in the industry, a leader, a challenger, and an influencer. Bring that definition that is desirable to the clients. Expertly position yourself and you are good to go.

8.    Never take your services for granted. Send high-value products and services to your clients. Make them understand that you are an authority in this industry.

9.    Give marketing some time. Do not change it when the year has not ended yet. Revision is necessary when company objectives such as financial, marketing and overall goals are achieved, the competitive situation has changed significantly or that a player or product emerges from a existing competitor.

10.    Lastly, fitness marketing is easy but delicate. It is no longer anymore a “throw it out there and let’s see how it goes” process.

By applying all these, you know you are one step ahead of everyone who is into the fitness marketing business. Dominate through the cutting edge, proven and effective fitness marketing strategies that will help your long term goals such as tripling your health club revenues, dominating the market and slashing the amount of time you have to put into your business in half. (photo taken from the web)

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