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The TOP 10 Pitfalls of Converting a Gym to 24/7 and Which Gym Management Software Works Best

Becoming a 24-hour gym with our gym management software is not only smart but it nearly guarantees that you're going to beat your competitors who are not 24-hour gyms...

...but just because it's a good idea doesn't mean there aren't some SERIOUS PITFALLS that you may face.

In this free training I'm going to give you the 10 pitfalls that you need to be aware of before you become a 24-hour gym and I'm going to cover the top 3 in my opinion that you need to focus on in more detail.

PLUS as a bonus for watching this free training, I'm going to give you my "Premium Security Concept" which will help you get lifetime security for your club for free. (This Bonus is PRICELESS)

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Here is What Your Will Learn:

  • PITFALL #10: Discover How 24 Hours Gyms Make More Profits Than Standard Hours Clubs Do
  • PITFALL #9: Avoid Mistake When Converting & What Things You Should Worry About To Protect Yourself & Fitness Business
  • PITFALL #8: Learn How You Can Become a 24 Hour Gym By Yourself & Save Time & Lots of Money
  • PITFALL #7: Find How Not To Be Taken Advantage of By Large Security Companies
  • PITFALL #6: How To Avoid Lawsuits & Other Legal Issues Faced By 24 Hour Gyms
  • PITFALL #5: Discover How To Leverage The Marketing Benefits Before, During and After You Convert To a 24 Hour Gym
  • PITFALL #4: Learn How To Integrate Everything Together So Things Work Smoother For More Profits
  • PITFALL #3: 24 Hour Gym Best Practices & Why You Need To Follow a Simple System
  • PITFALL #2: Find How Cheap It is To Become a 24 Hour Gym The Right Way
  • PITFALL #1: Learn How To Upsell Your 24 Hour Gym Service To Beat Your Competitors
  • SPECIAL BONUS GIFT: "The Premium Security Concept"... FREE Security For Your Gym For Life

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We have an Anytime Fitness and a Snap Fitness within 5 miles of our club and we have pulled a lot of members away from them. Our club and the 24/7 system has exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend Fitness360 Fitness Services to anyone considering opening a 24 hour facility.

Wade 24/7 Fitness

Converting to 24/7 with Fitness360 was the best decision we ever made. We used to open at 5:30AM, but the dependability of that early shift worker was always a problem. There's nothing worse than getting a phone call from a member at 5:30AM complaining that the club isn't open. With this system, we never get those calls anymore.

Donnie Fitness Warehouse