When It Is Time To Change Your Fitness Marketing Strategy

Don’t we all see variety and change? We eventually find new ways to keep up busy and entertained and all that stimulation is quite refreshing especially when we wanted to achieve results such as gaining a lot from our fitness marketing.

How dated and old your fitness marketing campaigns are? Have you been using the same marketing activities since you started your small business? Would you change you’re a fitness marketing program that seems to be working ever since you employed it in your system?

If the need to change strategy kicks in, it should never get in the way of making money in your business. Although it might not be a good idea to rush especially when the old ones still work great, it would be time to rethink, re-lather, re-rinse and repeat your fitness marketing if it is not generating the kind of results you need.

Try discovering a small fitness marketing strategy that can help you attract more prospects, generate more leads and increase your sales but you must ask yourself the following questions first:

– How many leads did my web site generate compared to the number of visitors I get?

– How many prospects did my ad generate compared to the cost and number of people who saw it?

– How many leads did my sales letter generate relative to the number of letters I sent out?

– How how many did I convert into sales?

– What was the dollar volume of sales generated from each lead?

This is purely not a matter of time either. If your fitness marketing is not getting you clients in a few days, then they are surely not getting you any more if you keep running them for months. Keeping pace with the changing internet marketing trends can also be tiresome and if your fitness marketing team does not offer new and inspired leads to your customers and clients, then someone else will.

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Joshua Fleming

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Joshua Fleming
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