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Why Fire Ants are Amazing – How To Add Personality Into Your Fitness Marketing Plan

Before you start a fitness marketing plan you need to get your head right.

I can bet you spend most of your time thinking about your fitness business more than anything else in your life if you’re really honest with yourself.

You may feel like your stuck in a rut or you may be looking for the key to help you unlock the next door in your journey. As I said before, before you even think about creating a fitness marketing plan we need to push the reset button in your mind, and the best way to do that is with questions. Here are three:

(Ask yourself the first question and write down on a piece of paper 1 word, ideas, images or otherwise that come to mind. Example: When you ask yourself, “What am I waiting for?” and you think of money, write down on a piece of paper the word money or a dollar sign.)

  • What am I waiting for?
  • What am I afraid of?
  • Am I ready for success?

If you ask yourself these 3 questions during the day today, you will begin to activate several parts of your brain and you will also create new neural pathways to help you accomplish your goals.

Following some of the top bloggers outside the fitness industry I’ve learned some very useful information that I plan on using here for 2013.

So I need a huge favor. As I slowly make these changes moving into 2013, please give me some feedback so I know if I’m moving in the right direction.  Thank you so much for that.

This post is about personality, so I wanted to give you the perfect example how allowing your personality to come through with zero fear of rejection is so important.

Maybe it’s hard for you to do that. I know for me it doesn’t come natural online and that’s one of the things I plan on focusing on improving in 2013.

But this isn’t about me…it’s about you. So here is a little homework that you can do over the Christmas holidays.

Look at your business, your marketing, your branding and answer these 3 questions:

  • Can people see the real me?
  • Why do I fear to let my walls down and be truly myself in front of my clients and members?
  • What am I willing to commit to do in the next 30 days to show more personality?

It’s very important to remember that it’s scientifically proven in countless studies that questions when based in or around anchoring emotions not only create new neural pathways to help you achieve your goal, but they also get you to look outside yourself.

Check out this video for a prime example. When I was looking for a video for this post I stumbled across them and can see why they have such a huge following and so many views.


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